Nano (NANO) Coin On The Rise Again

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After the major fall in price from early January this year, the Nano (NANO) coin is now regaining its glory. For a period of over two months, the coin has registered a bearish trend with its price going below $8.

For the last week, the crypto coin has done really great to even get past $10. Investors were too much anxious about the drop in prices, especially at a time when other major currencies like Bitcoin are on their way back to their highs of 2017.

From the look of things, it is just a matter of days before Nano also gets past $16.

What is pushing the Nano (NANO) coin up at this time?

2018 has been a great year for Nano up to now. The year kicked off with the development and integration of a light wallet into the RaiBlock and Ledger Nano S. The light wallet has opened a range of opportunities for users and more users can also access the crypo coin even using their smart phones.

Again, several cryptocurrency exchange platforms have also added to the list of the list of exchange platforms listing Nano (NANO). After Binance rewarding Nano community for being the best cryptocurrency community, Nano also got a boost after Coinbase agreed to list the coin on its exchange platform. As the number of exchange platforms continues to grow, NANO will get better and better exposed to potential investors.

Recently, NANO also received a major endorsement from Twitch, one of the major game streaming providers globally and owned by Amazon, after Twitch allows NANO coin to be used in paying in its platform. This is just a beginning before businesses realize the potential of Nano (NANO) cryptocurrency and start using the coin in their transactions.

With a partner like Twitch that provides over ten thousand subscribers, the Nano is bound to get more users.

Nano (NANO) future price action

The value of NANO is set to go past $16 by the end of March. Actually, at the beginning of March, the price had shot up past $16, although it later dropped almost to $8. Currently the coin is going for $8.86 USD with a market cap of $1,269,400,487 USD.

The average 24 hour trading volume is $36,091,100 USD with a circulating coin supply of 133,248,289 NANO out of the maximum supply of 133,248,290 NANO.

This is a great time to purchase Nano (NANO) and hold for a long term since it is just a matter of time before things turns around.


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