Looking for a crypto coin that is appreciating? Try DigixDAO [DGD]

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The crypto markets have been so much pressed downwards to an extent that even the most successful cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, have experienced one of the worst depreciation in its lifetime. However, even amidst all this, DigixDAO [DGD] has been able to shake itself out of the dust to start registering some positive upward growth.

All through as the other cryptocurrencies were depreciating, DigixDAO has been on a constant rise. The coin hit its all-time high of $553.57 in the beginning of March. But in a span of one week, the prices went crumbling down to a low as $288.06.

It is now the time when the price is starting to move up again. A single DigixDAO [DGD] token is going for $389.70 USD with a market cap of $779,396,000 USD. It has taken exactly one week for the prices to rise by $101.64 USD. This represents 35.29%.

All lights are actually green for the price of DigixDAO rising to past $500. This is not a hard thing considering that it had gone past $550.

The price is expected to go past the $500 by the end of this Q1. It is therefore time to purchase the DigixDAO in case you want to reap big.

Reasons behind the strong DigixDAO [DGD] bullish trend

The price of DigixDAO can be correlated to that of gold. Therefore, just as the gold prices are rising in the world, the price of DGD is also rising. The DAO part is an acronym of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is simply a digital payment system that is backed by gold.

Gold is normally taken as the perfect way of storing value. Therefore, by owning or investing in DigixDAO, you are guaranteed that the value will continue moving.

There is also a lot of activity around the Digix network due to the much anticipated release of the DIGIX GOLD TOKENS (DGX).  This DGX is a token for complementing the DigixDAO.

The DGX is designed to function like the gold-standard as in Ethereums network.

Again, the Digix blockchain Network offers a trustful, customizable and secure way of leveraging the consensus and IPFS permanent storage of document systems of the Ethereum network. The mere fact that DigixDAO is an ECR20 token built upon the Ethereum technology, DGD has a very bright future.

Exchange platforms where to purchase DigixDAO coins

DigixDAO [DGD] is listed on a number of online cryptocurrency platforms. If an investor wants to own DigixDAO coins, he or she can visit any of the official sites of these exchanges:

  • BigONE
  • Gate.io
  • IDEX
  • Binance
  • HitBTC
  • Bittrex
  • Liqui
  • Huobi
  • OKEx
  • EtherDelta

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