Coinzane launches app for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion

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In a step to cover the shortcomings of famous crypto forums like Bitcointalk, Coinzane has launched a new discussion platform.

Using older technologies and poor design (made in 2002), the earlier forums were a pain to use. After a thorough user feedback, Coinzane has created a modern discussion app with minimal UI covering all the missing features in older forums.


There are a large number of cryptocurrency forums on the internet but an app for the same did not exist until now. The platform has been designed with latest technologies like NODE and REDIS to reduce page load times to milliseconds!

The founders being crypto enthusiasts and early adopters of bitcoin realized that there was a need for a smooth discussion app with modern design for the crypto world.

The biggest threat to the cryptocurrency has always been of security, hence they have given the option of enabling 2FA security which requires you to also enter a authenticator code everytime you need to login.


A feature that caught our eye was the “Bookmark” option; a user can bookmark an article and then access it in his/her profile anytime in the future.

Every user also gets his/her own personal blog where they can feature their own posts or other’s posts from app itself.

Bitcoin news, ethereum updates, altcoins, bitcoin mining, crypto trading, wallets and various other popular discussion topics have a dedicated forum in the app.

Users can set a custom homepage instead of the default homepage. They can choose from various options like ‘Popular’, ‘Recents’, ‘Categories’ and more.

Some other features include:

  • User mentions
  • Swipe Gestures
  • Upvotes
  • User Profiles
  • Follow Profiles


Coinzane has already launched their app for Playstore and have set April 2,2018 as the date for the launch of their app on iOS.



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