TRON (TRX) Plans Launch of Test Net sooner, will improve its standing

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TRON (TRX) – Over the past few days, cryptocurrencies have seen a drop in their value. The volatility surrounding this industry means this is nothing new, but cryptocurrencies have to deal with this nevertheless. If the price falls too far, then there’s the danger of it never picking itself up. Possibly in a bid to tackle this issue, TRON plans to launch its main net sooner. A test net will go live on March 31, and TRX will be available entirely on this platform.

What TRON Is

TRON (TRX) aims to be a platform that improves the media industry as a whole. While there are third parties like YouTube currently, TRON looks to do away with them and give content creators full ownership over their content. It is not limited to any one type of media form and allows users the space to host their content so that consumers can use them and pay with TRX. The entire project is divided into stages. Early content producers will be given voting rights in a Proof of Stake system and will also get other benefits. The entire system is to be on an independent blockchain.

TRON (TRX) main net

As of now, TRON does not have a blockchain of its own. It is dependent on Ethereum’s blockchain. There had always been plans to grow out of Ethereum and have an existence of its own. But in a surprising turn of events, TRON announced that it is planning to release its main net sooner than earlier stated. While the initial launch was to be on July 1, it is set to take place on May 31st now. What’s more is that a test net will go live by the end of this month. TRON will have its own test net on March 31st, and TRX tokens will have a presence only on this platform.

How it can affect the price

While TRON doesn’t have a blockchain of its own, it does have solid partnerships with established firms. It made headlines when its price rocketed to $0.3 shortly after its ICO and launch in September 2017. However, things have quietened down since then. The initial buzz around the currency didn’t take long to fade, and the price began faltering as a result.

The $0.3 price went down to $0.05 at the turn of the year. The past few days haven’t been too kind to TRON either, with its current price floating as low as $0.037. But all that could change once the test net goes live at the end of this month and the main net is launched on May 31st.

When TRON has its own blockchain, it is likely to attract more investors since there is bound to be some news and promise about it all around the world. The concept attracted widespread attention at the time of the ICO, which is why its price went up to $0.3 in a short time. With this latest development, people will start finding it an attractive investment opportunity yet again. Since it is priced pretty low now, it will only result in attracting a larger pool of investors from around the world. More investors could also result in more partnerships. All of this will most likely result in the lifting of the price of TRX tokens. Currently, Binance accounts for most of the TRON trading in exchange for BTC, but all that could change when the test net and main net go live.

TRON  (TRX) project looks to tackle the recent price drop in the crypto market by launching its Main net sooner than before. A Test net will go live on March 31st, taking TRON’s dependence on Ethereum away and giving it a space of its own. TRX will only be used within this platform, and it could drive the price of the tokens up since it will attract more investors.



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