Interesting Einsteinium (EMC2) news in 24 hours: Don’t miss out

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The crypto market is in deep bear territory right now, with bitcoin now below $9000. But in the midst of this crash, there is one coin that has performed quite well in the last 24 hours or so, and that coin is none other than Einsteinium (EMC2) coin.  While there is a multiplicity of factors that are contributing to this rise, the biggest one is the upcoming Weeee cash social platform launch.

So what exactly is Weeee cash? Simply put, this is a social media platform that not only allows you to text, share memes and other funny stuff with your friends, but also share money as well.  The platform acts like a cross between a crypto wallet and a social media platform.

Once it launches, you can expect it to push the value of this coin by a huge margin, based on a number of reasons.  For starters, it is guaranteed to attract many non-techies to the crypto space. There are so many people who can make use of cryptocurrencies, but don’t understand it. As John Oliver put it recently in his Last week tonight show, most people including himself don’t understand blockchain and cryptos.

In fact, a good number of people got into cryptos in December then left when the market correction began.  But with a platform like Weeee cash, this won’t be the case anymore. That’s because users can use crypto through a platform that they understand best, and that’s social media. In essence, as more people get to use Einsteinium (EMC2) through social media, its overall use value will grow, and so will its price. This probably explains why a lot of investors are interested in this crypto right now.  It just makes financial sense to have it in your portfolio.

On top of that, with the launch of Weeee cash, the trading volumes of EMC2 are likely to surge. That’s because when people receive some EMC2 from their friends through Weeee, they will naturally want to convert it into fiat.  In essence, as more Weeee users try to cash their coins, they will automatically flock to exchanges. The result will be a sustained volume growth of EMC2 going into the future. And as these volumes grow, so will investor interest in this coin, and the resulting value growth. It’s a chain reaction that will push up the value of EMC2.

If the growth of social media in the last couple of years is anything to go by, one can only imagine how much more a social media platform that incorporates crypto payments will grow.  Once the launch of Weeee is complete, Einsteinium (EMC2) coin could easily be the first crypto that leads the way in terms of mass adoption.



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