Substratum (SUB) successfully beats FUD. Time to buy!

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One of the biggest problems facing the cryptocurrency market today is the spread of false and negative news. Such news can dissuade newbies from investing in an otherwise excellent blockchain project. Take Substratum (Sub) for example, this project intends to decentralize the internet and make it free for all. That’s a big deal and has the potential to make issues like net neutrality debates irrelevant. Yet in spite of this fundamental strengths, Substratum has been hit with a number of negative news that would discourage an uninformed investor from putting their money in it.

Luckily, the team has managed to fight back against FUD, and its winning big time.

For instance, there was a FUD that this project has no working product. This was meant to portray Substratum (SUB) as a blockchain project that will never take off. The substratum team has killed off this FUD by launching a beta version of the project. On this beta version that is already being tested, 100 people will be added every day.  The team intends to open up the system to the public after a few weeks of beta testing. This is an early sign that Substratum is headed for mass adoption in the near future.

There was also a FUD going around that Substratum is centralized, which essentially would mean that it is not a cryptocurrency. However, the team has proven that this FUD has no basis. The project has announced that it will be releasing version 3 of its open decentralized internet platform, and it will be completely open-source. Once released, this is guaranteed to quickly open up the concept of free internet, and this coin is guaranteed to hit the stratosphere.

All this FUD points to one thing, and that’s the fact that either the people spreading them don’t understand blockchain technology, or it’s the competition trying to play dirty in an attempt to increase their own acceptability. Luckily, the substratum (SUB) team has managed to squash these negative news with concrete evidence of project growth. That’s something that many other good projects that have suffered FUD have not done, and investors have been hurt in the ensuing sell-offs.

As an investor, this should be a wakeup call for you to do your due diligence before investing in a coin. When you invest based on concrete research, it would be difficult for any FUD to affect your investment. That’s because you would have the confidence to wait it out even when the price collapses. Remember that even more established coins like bitcoin have been hit by FUD in the past, and their prices shaken. But for those who have had the courage to hang on, they have reaped massive benefits, once the negative news have passed.

In the case of Substratum (SUB), now that they have managed to beat negative news by showing concrete steps in the right direction, you can expect the value of this project to increase significantly, once the overall market turns bullish. Remember this is a project that aims to disrupt the internet as we know it today, so its potential for growth is almost infinite.


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