Nuclear Vision (nCash): The practical crypto that’s revolutionizing the retail industry

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Nuclear Vision (nCash) – The retail industry has come a long way, getting to the point where companies like Amazon are even experimenting with cashierless stores. But if you think that you have seen it all in terms of retail-focused tech, then you have not heard of nCash.

Nuclear Vision is a blockchain platform that intends to bridge the information gap between retailers and their clients. Here is how it works.Assuming retailer X wants to understand what their customers want, all they have to do is explicitly request for that information from their clients then reward them with nCash. Alternatively, they can buy the same information from other retailers using Nuclear Vision.

Basically,Nuclear Vision (nCash) is creating a platform where retailers can buy customer information not from some random data aggregating website, but from the customer themselves. This is a big deal and will transform retail as we know it today, in the following ways.

Firstly, the customer experience is guaranteed to improve significantly thanks to this tech. You may have noticed that the user experience in the retail sector has been getting better over the last few decades. That’s because retailers have been using data analytics techniques to try and figure out what the customer wants. Now imagine how much better it will be, when the customer is the one explicitly making it known what they want, and getting paid for it. That’s a game changer right? That’s exactly what nCash is doing. Once nCash gains massive adoption, you can expect the value of the products that consumers receive to be tailor-made for their needs.

But it’s not just the consumer that stands to benefit, retailers too are set to reap big. For one, the cost of product development is guaranteed to drop significantly. That’s because with the information that they receive from their clients, they can then sell exactly what the customer wants, and when they want it. There won’t be any inefficiencies like stocking products that just warm the shelves. Already predictive algorithms are making steps in this direction, but nCash is making this process even more efficient, by getting factual information from the consumers, and not algorithmic assumptions.

On top of that, by usingNuclear Vision (nCash) retailers can significantly increase their brand equity. To understand this, you need to look at a company like Amazon. Why is Amazon so successful? The answer is simple! Amazon leverages technology to understand what consumers want, then serves those wants in the best way possible. With nCash, even a small retailer can now leverage accurate consumer information to serve them in manner that enhances their brand equity.

With all these benefits ofNuclear Vision (nCash) to both retailers and consumers, you must be wondering, how do I as an investor stand to benefit? Well, given the massive use potential of nCash, you can expect its value to shoot up in the long-run. Besides, this coin recently got added on Binance. The massive volumes that this will bring coupled with the fact that it is a fundamentally strong coin will push it the moon. This is one of those coins you should have in your portfolio with a long-term view in mind.



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