OmiseGo [OMG] Airdrop and Tactical Partnerships starting to pay off

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If there is a cryptocurrency to watch in 2018, it is the OmiseGo [OMG]. This crypto coin is the only one that has really stayed afloat during a very harsh time for the crypto currency markets. As most of the cryptocurrencies dip, OmiseGo has done its best to avoid depreciating much.

Its resilient price action can be attributed to the effort of the development team. All through, the OmiseGo development team has been working on ensuring that the coin gets a firm foundation and that it has great features to ensure that its users gets quality services.

Some of the best achievements of the OmiseGo [OMG] development team are the scalability factor, OMG Airdrop and tactical partnerships.

Omisego Scalability

On the issue of scalability, most cryptocurrencies find themselves getting limited due to small scalability. The more scalable a cryptocurrency blockchain is, the more transactions, it can handle per second and users will enjoy quick transactions.  When some cryptocurrency blockchain networks like Ethereum has very limited scalability, OmiseGo has an unlimited scalability. This means its transaction speed is extremely high enabling millions of transactions per second.

OMG Airdrop

OmiseGo is built on the Ethereum technology and as a result, there are a number of OmiseGo stakeholders who are in the Ethereum network. As a way of boosting its interoperability, OmiseGo announced its Ethereum airdrop so as to ward its Ethereum based stakeholders with OMG coins.

The airdrop also takes advantage of the Ethereum network in distributing its coins.

The Airdrop was successfully completed last year on 24th September attracting a total of 5242 transactions and 460,000 participants. The total among of OMG tokens involved in the Airdrop was 7,012,269.91226 OMG.

Tactical partnerships

OmiseGo [OMG] development team clearly understands that the success of any cryptocurrency depends on the number of users and especially “quality users”.

As a result, over the years, the team has been looking into making partnerships with global leaders. It has managed to get a number of lucrative deals with some of the best businesses in the world, thus giving it the leverage to keep going on.

Among the partnerships that OmiseGo has been able to make are: SBI Investment, SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION (SMBC), Ascend Capital, SMDV, Golden Gates Ventures and East Ventures. Then recently, OmiseGo was able to pull a successful partnership with MacDonalds Thailand, one of the largest Payment service providers in Asia.

Investors should also keep in mind that OmiseGo [OMG) is still very young. With the kind of strides it has made over the short period it has been around, investors should expect the cryptocurrency to climb up the crypto coin ranking ladder very swiftly to compete with the cryptocurrency giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin.



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