DASH v EOS: Which one is a better investment?

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With thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, sometimes it is difficult to choose one coin over the other. Take Eos (EOS) and Dash (DASH) for example. Both of them are great projects and have the potential to give you awesome return in the future. But with a limited budget, which of these two makes a better buy? Let’s analyze both of them then you can make an informed decision, as to which one of them makes a better buy.

  1. Competitive advantage

Dash (Dash) coin aims to position itself as a privacy coin that also offers almost instantaneous transactions. However, this is a market that is highly competitive given that there are many other cryptos offering the same value proposition.

For instance, coins like Monero (XMR) and ZClassic (ZCL) also offer private and instant transactions. As such, in the long-run, Dash might struggle in a flooded market. That’s not the same for Eos. Eos is focused on the smart contracts aspect of the crypto market, and in this space, it has an edge over some of the more established players. For instance, Eos is highly scalable, an aspect that makes it way better than Ethereum. Based on this competitive advantage, you can expect Eos (EOS) to grow faster than Dash.

  1. Their phase in the business cycle

One of the things that determine the long-term potential of any asset is its location in the business cycle.  The best assets to invest in are those that are in the growth phase, since they offer a higher rate of return. On this front, you can expect Eos to outperform Dash. That’s because Dash has been around for years, and has managed to grow to valuations of over $1500 before it fell to its current price level of $500 to $600.

Given that the market is already flooded with many other privacy coins all offering the same value proposition, the chances of giving exceptional returns to investors are relatively low right now. The scenario is not the same for Eos. Eos is a relatively new project and aims to solve some of the problems that are problems facing major platforms such as Ethereum. Considering that problems like scalability are still a work in progress, you can expect Eos to grow significantly based on the solutions it is offering for this problem. Besides, it also has some other features on top of it, such as fast transaction speeds and flexibility.

Which one to buy?

Based on the above factors, it is safe to conclude that Eos has better chances of long-term growth than Dash. However, that’s not to say that Dash (DASH) doesn’t have potential.  It is a relatively strong coin too, that has all the hallmarks of a perfect digital currency. It also has relatively a low supply, which gives it the potential to grow in the long-run. However, when compared to Eos and with a budget that can’t buy significant quantities of both, it would make sense to go for Eos (EOS). It has all the hallmarks of a coin headed to the moon.


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