3 reasons why Icon [ICX] is headed to the moon!

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There are so many projects out there that are all promising magnanimous things, but many of them just can’t deliver. That’s why there are so many pump and dump schemes in the altcoins market right now. But there is one project that stands out from the rest, and has the chance to grow exponentially in coming days. That coin is none other than Icon (ICX). Here’s why.

  1. It connects entire economies

Most blockchains out there seek to connect specific communities. Icon (ICX) is the only crypto that seeks to connect entire economies using blockchain technology. Through this system, banks, hospitals and other industries can create their own blockchains that all connect back to the Icon (ICX) blockchain. Already companies in South Korea are adopting the Icon (ICX) blockchain in large numbers.

This is an indication that the Icon blockchain is what the market has been waiting for all along. It creates massive opportunities for corporations to make use of blockchain to improve efficiency, and for any other function that they may wish. In fact, as things stand, there is no other blockchain platform offering the same. This means Icon could easily dominate this market and, that’s great for its value.

  1. It allows blockchains to communicate with each other

On top of allowing corporations and anyone within an economy to create their blockchain, Icon also allows these blockchains to connect with each other. Essentially this creates a mesh where all players in the economy can communicate with each other. Imagine a situation where the entire economy is running on a decentralized network with Icon at the bottom, unifying it all. That would be huge! It would turn Icon (ICX) into a utility that runs the entire global economy.  With the high rate of adoption of the Icon blockchain in South Korea, it’s only a matter of time before the coin takes over the rest of the world. Once this happens, expect it to head to the moon. In fact, Icon could be the next bitcoin going by the power that it holds in terms of connecting the global economy.

  1. It is gaining fast adoption in South Korea

South Korea, Japan and China are the global leaders of the crypto market. In fact, you can tell the success or failure of a cryptocurrency by its level of acceptance in these Far East countries. On this front, Icon (ICX) is a coin on the move. The coin has already been adopted by several South Korean corporations. This adoption is guaranteed to drive investor interest into this coin, which will in turn see its value grow significantly.

Trading volumes are already on the rise, despite the fact that the overall market sentiment in cryptos is neutral. That’s a sign that investors are taking a keen interest in this coin. Once bulls take control of the market, this is one of those coins you should look out for.  It has the potential to go the bitcoin way, and grow by thousands of percentages in 2018.



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