Keybase-Lumens deal will push Stellar Lumens (XLM) to $1

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Stellar (XLM) and Keybase just signed a partnership that will transform the future of cryptocurrencies for good. To give you a good idea of why it’s a revolutionary deal, picture a situation where you can send money or any other assets without having to key-in lengthy cryptographic addresses.

That’s huge, right? Well, that exactly what this partnership is offering crypto users. Keybase is providing the tech needed to encrypt addresses, and allow for people to send and receive digital assets using something as simple as a username. On its part, Lumen is bringing its superfast, and low-cost transaction system into the deal.  This is likely to have the following impact Stellar Lumens.

First, the level of stellar (XLM) adoption will grow significantly.  As things stand, Stellar and Ripple (XRP) are probably the most adopted cryptos in the financial sector, and for a good reason. They are very fast, highly scalable and allow for extremely transaction speeds.

Now with the Keybase deal, Stellar Lumens is taking the game a notch higher, by making it extremely easy for the layman to make financial transactions, with zero knowledge of blockchain technology. This will most likely entrench Stellar Lumens as the number one crypto in the financial sector, since the whole point of technology is to enhance efficiency and that’s exactly what this deal has done. We can all guess what that will do to the value of Stellar Lumens. It will shoot to the moon!

The deal will also open up the use case of Stellar Lumens outside of the banking industry. The biggest use case would be in the integration of finance with social media. That’s because by introducing the element of sending and receiving money without the use of lengthy cryptographic addresses, it means that even social media accounts can be used to send and receive money. Picture this, you need to send your twitter friend some money.

To do that right now, you need to either use your bank or some other slow and cumbersome methods such as online based payment platforms. The Keybase/lumens deal is about to change this. Thanks to this deal, you can simply use your twitter or any other social media account, to send them some Stellar Lumens (XLM) equivalent of the money your friend needs. This process is instant and doesn’t require you to log in to any other account for you to send the money.  That’s revolutionary, and will change how we interact with money for good.

As an investor you are probably itching to get your hands on this game-changing tech, right? Well, that would be a wise move to make. From a technical perspective, the value of Stellar Lumens is about to shoot up.  Already daily trading volumes are on the rise, meaning that big money is accumulating this coin.

Besides, the overall bearish mood is keeping the market down, which gives you the perfect opportunity to stock up on this coin while it is still cheap.  Once the crypto mood goes bullish, and investors flock in looking for fundamentally strong coins, you can expect the value of Stellar Lumens (XLM) to shoot up. Medium term, a valuation of $1 is within reach.


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