Meet Iota (MIOTA): Another Big Asset in the Crypto Space

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The love for cryptocurrencies begins to hit another level as more problem-solving assets are being introduced with very high technical backing. Ranging from the world of Digibyte creatively surpassing Bitcoin to be 40 times faster than it, Iota was created with even more interesting features and plans. Iota (MIOTA) is very different from most of the cryptocurrencies that run on the Blockchain.

It does not need a miner like most of the digital assets, and that is what distinguishes it from the other competitive ones. It has been created to act independently from blocks and chains. In respect to the feature of its independence, those who want to make transactions in the network first have to confirm transactions. This is quite different from the coin generation of the other cryptocurrencies.

Almost all the cryptocurrencies are generated and kept running through mining software that awards those who use their power to keep the project running. It has been said to surpass the so-called leading ones as this asset has no requirement for transaction fee when sending funds between wallets. Bitcoin, for instance, got to a point where transaction fee was above $30. This is something Iota (MIOTA) avoids.

This cryptocurrency also fits very well in keeping people anonymous. The fact that decentralization matters in the online space of operation makes iota a coin for the future. This coin has been said to be more decentralized than all other coins on the Blockchain. This is underlined by the fact that it does not involve miners and keep a wide distance from any manipulation. Its decentralized nature has given it an edge in the Darknet marketplaces which has made it one of the few coins that can be driven to the moon with time.

The Iota showed a sign of positive growth in the final month of 2017 as the price hit $5.5 in the mid-December. Even though the price currently has experienced a fall arriving from the market pullback, the team continues to collaborate with institutions to make it one of the active assets in the digital space. Iota recently collaborated with the International Transportation Innovation center and this is meant to see to it that the digital asset has achieved its goals. All other digital assets collaborate to show much effort to boost the price performance of their assets.

Johann Jungwirth said that IOTA has the potential to set a standard for trusted machine-to-machine transactions. He also added that with its brilliant technology, it’s no question why mobility and technology companies, as well as other key players in the industry, are collaborating the Foundation.

Iota (MIOTA) also seems to work very well. This makes it a perfect substitute for the traditional banks that charge fees for remittances. Consumers always seek to maximize satisfaction with a limited input and when this Iota consciousness is built, the traditional banks will be done away with. From this, it is not too surprising that the virtual assets have been predicted to overtake the fiat money in the coming years. They have a lot of advantages over the fiat currencies but each of them has its own weaknesses and strengths.

With its decentralized feature, it can cause a massive revolution in the crypto space and change the phase of the online transactions.

The role every cryptocurrency play defines its uniqueness. Iota has the potential for scalability with the ability to make offline transactions. The mid-December 2017 price boom was seen as a step in the right direction.

Iota makes use of Tangle which works in the directed acyclic graph and tends to provide its feature of scalability and zero transaction. Even though it appears that the team behind the cryptocurrency is giving all their possible best, the founder of Iota has said that they are just at the starting level of the next phase. A lot of interesting features are in store for Iota, and it is expected that it will not be tied down to the harsh market. The cryptocurrency market was predicted before the year that they will do well in 2018, and since we are still in the first quarter of the year, it is expected that IOTA (MIOTA) true value will be revealed.


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