ZClassic (ZCL) is selling at a massive discount right now. It’s time to buy!

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The most successful investors in the financial markets know that the best time to buy, is when there is blood in the street.  That’s when the best assets are usually selling at hefty discounts.  Going by this analogy, then this is the perfect time to accumulate on ZClassic (ZCL).

During the hard fork on the 28th of February, this coin was trading at over $100. Thereafter, its value crashed, and it’s now selling at below $20. Clearly this market is bleeding. People who bought at over $100 are now confused, wondering whether to sell or hold on to their coins. It is in the midst of this confusion that you should take advantage and accumulate as much ZClassic (ZCL) coins as possible. It’s like you are getting an over 80% discount on this asset that has traded at over $200 during the crypto market peak.

ZCL chart
Chart by Coinranking.com

Even a simple look at its long term (yearly) chart shows that this coin is sitting on its long-term support levels, which means it has bottomed out. As such, the only place it can go from this point on is up. Look at it from the same perspective as the stock markets in 2008 when the markets collapsed, then big money buyers like Warren Buffet started collecting stocks on the cheap.

It’s the same thing happening to ZClassic. The market is now at is lowest, which means anyone who buys now and holds for the long-run, is guaranteed to reap big. Even if the market were to go back to pre-fork levels of $100, you would have made an over 80% profit. And that’s not just an arbitrary assumption, there is a good possibility that it is headed back there. Why is that?

Well, you just need to ask yourself why the price collapsed in the first place. ZClassic didn’t collapse because of any fundamental reasons. Everything around this coin in the last one week has been purely speculative.  Before the fork, there was a lot of hype around this coin as people wanted to collect on the free Bitcoin Private coins.

After they got those coins, they started dumping ZClassic, in search of other short-term opportunities. It is this selling pressure that built-up after the fork that drove down the value of ZClassic by a big margin.  Other than that, the long-term fundamentals of this coin are sound, and will be a strong anchor to its growth in the long–run.

Already, signs are there that ZClassic (ZCL) is on a rebound.  While the rest of the market has been on a downward trend for the last 24 hours, ZClassic has gained more than 100% of its value. That’s a clear indication that buyers are coming back, as they try and take advantage of the low prices.

Don’t miss out! Accumulating on ZClassic (ZCL) now would probably be one of the best decisions you make. The risk/reward ratio on this coin is just perfect!


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