Crypticcoin launch is a case of perfect market timing

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In the last 24 hours, the crypto market has been in the red. However, there is one category of coins that seems to be doing pretty well despite this drop, and that’s privacy coins.  Coins like Monero, ZClassic and Verge have held their value strongly, and even gained some.

This is a pointer to the fact that privacy coins will rule the market in 2018.  Unfortunately, most people are already too late when it comes to major privacy coins like Monero. The price is just too high at the moment. Luckily, you now have the chance to enter this market and for free! That’s all thanks to Crypticcoin. For a limited time, you can get Free CrypticCoins as an early adopter by simply subscribing through the Crypticcoin website

Now that you have the chance to earn some free coins and get into the fast growing privacy coins market, you are probably curious to know why privacy coins, will be the best performers in 2018. Let’s go through a few reasons why this is the year for privacy coins.

Well, for starters, the meticulous rise of bitcoin in 2017 has attracted regulators into the crypto space. We are now more likely to see financial regulators all across the world taking a keen interest in controlling this market. The U.S is already leading the way, with the regulator declaring that cryptocurrencies are securities and will face the same treatment as stocks and other financial assets. The Bank of England governor is also doubling down on calls to regulate the crypto market.  Considering that most people in the crypto markets would like their assets to remain private, you can expect a rush towards privacy coins.  This explains why these coins are surging, while the rest of the market is in bearish territory.

That’s why Crypticcoin is a gem that is being given out for free! Crypticcoin will make use of stealth addressing, which makes all transactions made over the cryptic network completely anonymous. On top of that, when you hold your CrypticCoins in the Crypticcoin wallet, your private keys will never be transmitted over the network, which means no regulator will ever know of your Crypticcoin holdings. This is revolutionary, and once Crypticcoin ICO launches, it’s one of the features that I expect to push this coin to the moon.

Then there is the fact that merchants are increasingly choosing privacy coins over other coins.  All the major privacy coins such as Dash, Monero and ZCash are all accepted at more than 100 merchant locations across the world.  In essence, you can expect that once Crypticcoin coin hits the market, its chances of adoption in the market will be higher than that of many other coins entering the market at that same time.  Given that coin prices tend to rise every time there is a merchant adoption, it then follows that everyone who will get the f

ree CrypticCoins, will be holding a high growth asset that they have acquired at absolutely no cost!
In my view, Crypticcoin is a crypto that is coming into the market at the right time. It’s a next-generation privacy coin that’s coming into the market when privacy coins are the in-thing. I expect it to moon as soon as it is launched.


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