Vechain (VEN) FUD is a valuable lesson for investors

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Vechain FUD is a valuable lesson for investors

When investing in the crypto markets, it is always advisable to understand a coin fundamentals before putting in your money. That’s because this is a market where false and malicious news are rife, and can easily hurt the price of a crypto in the short term. As such, if you don’t have long-term faith in the crypto holding, such news can negatively affect your crypto portfolio, since they would force you to sell just to protect your money.

The Vechain (VEN) FUD is a perfect exemplification of this scenario.  A few days ago, a rumor emerged that Vechain putting out large sell orders in order to keep the price of Vechain low. The impact was a drastic fall in the price of VEN Coin and a massive outcry by investors on social media.

The decline only stopped after Vechain CEO came out strongly on social media denying the claims, by explaining in a step-by-step manner why there is no way such sell orders could be coming from Vechain. However, at this point, there are people who had sold, out of fear that Vechain’s value would crash to zero.

The HODLERS who invested not based on the news, but based on a solid understanding of the Vechain (VEN) fundamentals probably bought more during this crash, and are likely to reap big, once the price stabilizes. To protect yourself from FUDs and reap big in the crypto markets, here is what you should do.

  1. Read the Crypto’s whitepaper

Before you invest in any cryptocurrency, make sure to read and understand its whitepaper. The whitepaper is what gives you an idea of what the cryptocurrency is all about. If you believe in its whitepaper, there is no way FUDs can have any bearing on your investment. To give you context on this, let’s go back to Vechain. Vechain is a project that intends to disrupt the global supply chain.  Considering the massive nature of the global supply and logistics business, you can expect the value of Vechain to grow in the long-run. In fact, partnerships such as the recent one between Vechain and German carmaker BMW is a pointer to the fundamental strength of this coin. An investor who has read the Vechain whitepaper and understood its content would not be shaken by FUD no matter how negative it is.

  1. Invest for the long-run

Part of the reason why most people lose to FUDs is because they invest with short-term profitability in mind. The best approach is to invest in a coin that you believe has the potential to survive in the next five years.

Always take bitcoin as an example of what long-term investing can do. Anyone who invested in bitcoin in 2009-2014 is reaping big right now, since they invested pennies for a coin that is now worth more than $10,000.  Similarly, if you are investing in Vechain (VEN) right now, think about its value in 2022 and beyond. At that point the project will be so entrenched, that FUDs will be irrelevant to its value.


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