Nexus (NXM) futuristic tech advances are a blockchain game changer

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There are more than 1000 cryptos in the market right now and all of them are angling to be the currency of the currency.  But the truth is that most of them will fail. If you are looking for a crypto that has what it takes to be a global currency, then you should probably be looking to invest in Nexus (NXM).

This crypto simply has everything it takes to be a cryptocurrency that is acceptable all across the world.  Let’s go through a few reasons why Nexus is probably the answer that blockchain investors have been looking for all along.

  1. Nexus is accessible from all across the world

Most blockchain solutions are not accessible at a global level, due to network issues. This makes it almost impossible for them to gain worldwide acceptance, which is the whole essence of cryptocurrencies. Nexus (NXM) has overcome this problem by incorporating space-based solutions to the blockchain.

It has partnered with a space company, Vector space systems to make the Nexus platform accessible from anywhere across the world. Essentially this makes Nexus the only decentralized currency that can be accessed from anywhere across the world, regardless of internet connectivity issues. This will give Nexus a leg up in the run for worldwide cryptocurrency adoption, especially in the developing world where connectivity is not yet fully developed.

  1. Nexus is tamper proof

On top of the fact that the Nexus blockchain can be accessed from anywhere across the world via satellite, it also happens to be one of the most secure coins in the decentralized space. You are probably thinking, is it better than bitcoin?  The answer is yes. Many people don’t know this, but it has been proven that bitcoin can easily be hacked by a quantum computer. Guess what, Nexus (NXM) cannot! That’s because it makes use of the quantum hack-proof Skein and Keccak hashing algorithms.

These are way better and much more advanced than the Bliss signature algorithm (another anti-quantum hack tech), which is so heavy, and slows down blockchain applications. Considering that quantum computers are coming in the near future, an educated guess can tell you that Nexus (NXM) will probably be one of the few cryptos that will beat this threat, and take decentralized currencies to their next phase of growth.  This feature alone is enough to take Nexus to the moon in the future. Early investors, those who get in now, stand to reap big once the reality of quantum hacking hits the cryptocurrency market.

  1. Nexus (NXM) has now integrated artificial intelligence

A few days ago, Nexus partnered with singularity to explore ways of combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence. This is postulated to make Nexus the most secure and scalable blockchain ever.  Imagine a decentralized platform that is quantum hack proof, is accessible from any part of the planet, and is super scalable? Isn’t that great?

A combination of all these factors is guaranteed to push Nexus (NXM) to unimaginable levels. In fact, this is the coin that you should look to hold for the next 20 years or so. It’s bringing the future to the present and changing the entire game!



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