Lisk (LSK): The Wonder DApp Coin of the Future

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If you have been following the cryptocurrency trends lately, you will agree with me that Lisk (LSK) is among the wonder coins of the future. Since the recent cryptocurrency crash, Lisk has navigated the murky waters to become the most progressive currency in the digital money market today.

What Does Lisk do?

Lisk (LSK) is not just another cryptocurrency in the market; it has cut a niche in the decentralized application (DApps). It has grown over the years to become the biggest network where you can develop apps with a lot of ease. This is a one stop shop for the developer. You do not have to be a guru to come up and deploy your app on the Lisk ecosystem.

All you need is use the JavaScript enabled platform and create a personalized decentralized application. You have access to all the tools you need and is cheaper compared to the convectional application development. The system is immutable and you are not censored; you develop according to your passion and imagination.

Lisk is an open source system where you get free JavaScript tools and you can monetize your application once you upload them to the platform. With the use of side chains, privacy to your apps is guaranteed.  Side chains are “mini blockchains” within the larger ecosystem and you can easily put attributes and descriptions to make them unique. This makes it easier for your fans to download and use; however, to benefit, you need to be a participant on the network.

The beauty of Lisk (LSK) that it works as a host and LSK is the native currency that is used for transactions. This is the next big platform where users will be able to host and launch their ICO’s or TGE’s.  DApp fanatics argue that Lisk is the future of doing business online using the blockchain technology.

How is Lisk Fairing in The DApp Market? Use Cases

With the demand for applications on the rise, Lisk is leaving no stone unturned in the niche. There are various cases that prove the platform is just beginning to interrupt the DApp industry. The partnership between Lisk and Sapiens will make it easier to use a decentralized platform for user verification purposes.

This project will help in document verification; you do not have to scan your certificated and send to your prospective employer. The verification can be done fast on Lisk and Sapiens platforms. There is no more exchanges of emails to prove you attended a particular college; the verification process will be much easier.

The second use case is Lisk and the This is a mini chain riding on the main Lisk blockchain and is an application intended to encourage children to develop the culture of reading and end up learning more. The App rewards children with REN coins and are encouraged to save under their parents watch. is another Lisk based application that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. This is an application that is becoming popular among real estate players. It allows you to invest in real estate shares or purchase your next home. It offers better deals from what is in the real estate market today.

Other applications on Lisk include and With Madana, you have control over how your data and personal information is shared. You can decide to keep the information private or public depending on sensitivity. helps musicians establish themselves in the industry. It is the ideal App for upcoming and established artists.

Lisk (LSK) and the Markets

LSK has been steadily rising despite the low uptake from developers but it growth has endeared itself to many and the future looks bright.  It has been bullish for the better part of 2017 trading at around $5 and has sky rocked since the beginning of January and is currently trading at $18.11 after shedding 2.89% in the last 24 hours.

The Lisk (LSK) coin has the potential and is the best bet for any investor. On 9th, January it has hit an all-time high of $38.40 showing how it can skyrocket once the platform starts to operate at its full capacity. If it holds on firmly, it should surpass the $25 mark mid-2018.



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