3 reasons why Status (SNT) is the coin to buy now!

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Are you holding Status (SNT) coin? Well, you have a good reason to smile! In fact you should be looking to buy some more.  There has been a string of good news from the status team that reason points to a coin that is on the move.

  1. Status main net is almost complete

One of the big news around Status is that the Main net is 81% complete. Essentially this means that Status is about to have its own blockchain!  If past performance of platforms that have launched their own blockchains is anything to go by, then Status is about to take off. Already the market is readying up for this move, with a sustained rise in price for the last one week. The excitement comes from the fact that a main net indicates that the project is working.  This usually attracts big investors into the market. On this basis alone, Status (SNT) could easily moon once the main net is launched, and that will be soon.

  1. Release of Status 0.9.14

On the 22nd of February, Status released version 0.9.14. This is big news, but it’s yet to fully filter into the market. So what is it all about? One of the key defining features of Status 0.9.14 is the release of a full screen Dapp browser. This is a big deal considering that most decentralized browsers are cranky and hard to navigate. Therefore, when people are offered an option that is not only decentralized but also easy to use, you can expect the market to respond positively. In fact, this is the one browser that could easily take on major search engines and win, which would further boost the value of SNT coin.

Status 0.9.14 also includes a wallet with better functionalities.  The new wallet is not only better accessible on multiple platforms such as Android and IOS devices, it also comes with a wider screen that makes it easier for users to navigate when transacting.  This combined with the fact that the new status version also has better messaging features are a key anchor to the value of Status coin, both now and in the future.

  1. The whole market is in a consolidation phase

If you look at the charts of most cryptos right now, they pretty much look the same. They are all in a consolidation phase after a series of losses in January and February. The consolidation is indicative of some serious buy-up, by big money players looking to make a killing once the market revamps. This puts Status coin in a very special position. For starters, the coin has lots of good news coming out, which is increasing the coin’s fundamental value.  Therefore, from a fundamental perspective, anyone holding Status right now stands a good chance to benefit once the Bull Run begins.

As a savvy investor, this is the best time to accumulate on SNT coin. That’s because if past crypto performance is anything to go by, a market-wide bull run could easily push Status (SNT) to $1 and above.


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