IOTA (MIOTA) could easily rise to $5 and above in the near future!

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IOTA (MIOTA) may not be performing well at the moment, but that’s no reason to despair if you are HODLING. If anything, going by latest developments, this could be the best time to buy some more.

A few days ago, Johann Jungwirth, a C-level manager at Volkswagen announced that the company would be partnering with IOTA to develop the world’s first autonomous car.  This is a big deal and would easily see IOTA anchor itself in the automobile industry. Given that autonomous cars are the future of automobiles, you can expect the value of IOTA to increase significantly in coming days.

But it’s not just the automotive industry that is taking an interest in IOTA (MIOTA). On the 22nd of February Dominik Schiener, one of the founders of IOTA made a presentation at Bosch Connected World. If the information coming out of that presentation is to be believed, IOTA wants to partner with Bosch to turn Chinese cities into smart cities.

Read this tweet posted on IOTA news on the 27th of February then you can interpret it by yourself.
#Bosch cooperates with property development company Country Garden to turn Chinese cities into #SmartCities 

If this becomes a reality, then IOTA will have anchored itself as the go-to tech for taking the real estate industry to the next level. Remember IOTA is already partnering with Taipei city to make the city smart. The Bosch deal will therefore be a welcome addition to the IOTA rise, as the tech that merges blockchain technology with the real estate industry.

Even more interesting is the news that IOTA has made significant improvements to the IOTA Trinity wallet. Remember this wallet has been under development for some time now, and any news about it is welcome news. According to the IOTA team, they have made the wallet as user-friendly as possible. For instance, they have introduced advanced desktop, web and mobile wallet functionalities such as the 2-factor authentication feature. This will add not just to the security aspect of IOTA (MIOTA), but also to its ease of use.

There is also a rumor that the IOTA platform will introduce a smart contracts functionality to it. The story broke on Twitter that IOTA will be beta testing its smart contracts platform in a few days. If this happens, it would probably be the biggest IOTA news in a while. Imagine an infinitely scalable, feeless and super-fast platform like IOTA being used to launch smart contract applications. That would be a game-changer on how we understand smart contracts. It would easily be a bigger platform than the likes of Ethereum and NEO.

Clearly, IOTA (MIOTA) is a coin on the move. There is so much going on that could easily push this coin back to the levels it was back in December 2017. In fact, if everything else goes well, this coin could easily push this coin to $5 and above.


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