Electroneum (ETN) Nodes hit by a bug

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Electroneum (ETN), one of the major successes of cryptocurrency, is on a course to ensure that it gets as much subscribers as possible. Having successfully launched a mobile blockchain network app and the project kicking off well, the cryptocurrency has greatly revolutionized the cryptocurrency market.

In the past years, blockchain technology was purely reserved for the computers. However, the technology has evolved over time and developers have made it possible to invest in cryptocurrencies even using your smartphone. This has mainly been attributed to the use of SDK tools which allow the use of lite wallets.

Electroneum (ETN) has completely changed the rules of the game here. Apart from offering mobile wallets, the cryptocurrency also offers a mobile based app for mining. This means that the users of Electroneum don’t have to look for expensive mining hardware to mine the crypto coin.

Mobile mining of Electroneum makes it very easy for users. Again, the user is free to mine the crypto coin from whichever geographical location since a smartphone is a small gadget which you can carry along to any place.

In its effort to gain as much users as possible, Electroneum has partnered with some major global mobile networks. As part of the 2018 Q2 goals, Electroneum targets to tap up more than 2 million users.

For those who trade cryptocurrencies, Electroneum (ETN) is to date listed on Cryptopia and Qryptos exchange platforms. It is however looking forward to bein listed on a number of other exchange platforms like Binance, KuCoin, Liqui among others.

The ETN node bug

Over the weekend, there have been a problem with the Electroneum nodes. They were hit by a bug and the development team promised to look at the GitHub program.

However, in the meantime the mobile as well as the mobile wallets are online after a small technical hitch.

For the users using ETN nodes, they will have to first update them to the new version. But they will have to wait for the development team to look into the bug matter first and update the GitHub for the users to also update.

Electroneum (ETN) market price

Currently, a single  is going for $0.077240 USD or an equivalent of 0.00000671 BTC. Its market cap is $489,133,048 USD with a volume of $2,093,750 USD. The value of the coin is however expected to hit $0.32 USD very soon especially after the web and mobile wallets went live.

Out of the maximum attainable supply of 21,000,000,000 ETN, the coins which are currently in supply are 6,332,630,947 Electroneum (ETN). This means that miners still got a lot of work to do. They got approximately 15 million more coins to mine.


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