3 Rising Crypto’s to Watch: Zilliqa (ZIL), Numeraire (NMR), Cofound.it (CFI)

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3 Rising Crypto’s to Watch: Zilliqa (ZIL), Numeraire (NMR), Cofound.it (CFI)

The crypto market is one of the best to make money, if past returns are anything to go by. Even if you missed the 2017 Bull Run, there are some upcoming coins that have the potential to give you similar returns in 2018. Let’s go through some of them.

  1. Zilliqa coin (ZIL)

This is one coin that is likely to revolutionize the smart contracts space. Its key defining feature is the ability to scale as the network grows. In fact, on matters scalability and transaction speeds, Zilliqa makes Ethereum (the premier smart contracts platform) look like ancient tech. Take transaction speeds for example. Zilliqa can process over 2500 transactions, per second as compared to 10 for Ethereum.

On top of these fundamentals, a simple technical analysis of Zilliqa (ZIL) gives a clear buy signal for this coin. Firstly, the volumes have been on a consistent rise since January, signaling to a growing investor interest.  Then there was a spike in volumes in the last 24 hours, signaling that whales are taking a keen interest in this coin. If you have traded cryptos before, then you know that whale activity is usually a good indicator of the direction a coin will take. After all, they have the ability to move the markets.

A combination of this coin’s fundamental strengths, and the forces of demand and supply as shown by the technical charts all point to aZilliqa (ZIL) that is about to shoot up in value.

  1. Numerai coin (NMR)

The Numerai (NMR) platform aims to create the next generation hedge fund, by allowing data scientists to make decisions without biases. Considering how big the hedge fund industry is, you can expect Numerai coin to grow in value significantly in the future.

The most interesting feature of Numerai coin is the team behind it. The team is made up of people who have worked on some of the world’s greatest projects in finance and technology. Take Peter Diamandis for example. He is the founder of Singularity University, as well as the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.  The team also has people like Howard Morgan who is the founder of Renaissance technologies. With such people on the team, you can expect this coin to revolutionize hedge funds.

IfNumerai (NMR) manages to become a critical component of the trillion dollar finance industry, then its value is headed to hit the moon. From a technical analysis perspective, this coin is in a range, but the volumes are increasing. This is a sign that smart money is accumulating. As a trader, It makes sense to buy with them, and make money once the price begins to rise.

  1. Cofound.it (CFI)

With the growing value of blockchain technology, it’s obvious that more developers will be looking to launch their own blockchain projects. That demand is now being met by Cofound.it (CFI) a project that is funding projects that are geared towards decentralization. Given that the need for capital will always be there, you can expect the value of this project to grow with time. Cofound.it (CFI) is one of the best coins to buy if you are looking to make good money in the long run.


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