Transfer coin (TX) future is even brighter!

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Transfer coin (TX) just shot up by over 170%. In fact, it’s the biggest mover on Bittrex in the last 24 hours. That’s quite a major value rise considering that the rest of the market is trading sideways. So what is Transfer coin about?

Transfer coin is all about privacy. It is one of the few coins that guarantee you end-to-end privacy in the cryptocurrency market place. But besides privacy, there are a number of other factors that define this crypto. Let’s go through some of the key defining features of Transfer coin that are anchoring its fast rise in crypto space.

  1. Cross send feature

This is probably one of the most interesting aspects of Transfer coin (TX). This service makes it possible for you to spend transfer coin on any platform that allows bitcoin payments. This gives TX coin a wider reach than many other cryptocurrencies in the market. In fact this feature is only available on Transfer coin, giving it leverage in the market. Essentially this means that as bitcoin continues to get adopted, so will TX coin. This makes Transfer coin a pretty unique crypto given that it is riding the bitcoin wave, while at the same time giving users the added advantage of private transactions.

  1. Transfer coin payments are instant

While bitcoin and other cryptos are struggling with issues of transaction speeds, Transfer coin has already achieved this milestone. It achieves this through its Masternodes that ensure that transactions are completed within seconds. Instant payments make transfer coin the go-to coin when looking to make quick transactions, through any platform that allows for bitcoin payments. This is a big asset for transfer coin (TX) because it means that any time bitcoin experiences congestion issues, users can instantly shift to transfer coin and achieve their goals of sending money. This is guaranteed to anchor TX coin’s value growth going into the future.

  1. It offers incentive based Masternodes

Transfer coin Masternodes pay well, creating an incentive for crypto investors to run them. The fact that these nodes are offered incentives to do specific tasks means that they work to enhance the utility of the Transfer coin network with maximum efficiency. For instance, the payments Masternodes have an incentive to ensure that payments through the Transfer coin network are done instantly for the benefit of users.

  1. Transfer coin (TX) in focused on merchants

One of the strongest points of Transfer coin is that it is focused on merchants.  The fact that it is accepted at any merchant location that accepts bitcoin makes it one of the fastest growing altcoins in terms of merchant adoption. You can expect this to act as a strong value anchor for this coin going into the future, which will also mean an increased and sustained growth in its value.

The rise of Transfer coin (TX) is not just a pump. The fundamentals of this coin are quite strong. In fact, it could easily rise to over $6 in coming days, double its current price.


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