Hot ICOs to look out for in 2018: Cypherium, Experty, Crypticcoin

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The ICO fire was all ablaze for the better part of 2017. Nearly every month we got bombarded with fancy headlines about such offerings. Millions of dollars worth of investors funds got generated and the popularity of many cryptocurrencies soared brilliantly. 2018 will not be any different after all. with a saturated lineup of ICOs looming in the coming months, we are set to witness an eventful year in the world of cryptos.

There are two major factors that lead to the success of an ICO. these are people and regulatory compliance. People come into the picture through speculation. Last year, the most successful ICOs were those in which there was a lot of hype and publicity. Adherence to regulatory guidelines also boosted the confidence of people in these events. It bolstered their sense of security. With these factors in mind, the following are 3 of the most promising ICOs this year.


As we all know, majority of coins get launched through ICOs. in these events, the developers reap huge chunks of the generated revenue. Of course, what other way would you expect them to make a kill? However, with crypticcoin, coins are absolutely free for the pioneer adopters. This deal cannot get any sweeter. All you need to do is just sign up at and claim your free coins via the on screen prompt. On top of this there are other perks that come with adopting crypticcoin. These are;

  • A secured wallet that gives users complete control of private keys. This means you have full control on the safety of your coins.
  • Sending and receiving funds anonymously. As we all know there are governments that snoop on citizens online activity hence infringing upon privacy. With crypticcoin, a new technology known as TOR IP obfuscation will ensure that your IP address remains completely hidden. Other cryptocurrencies claim to be private but can sell you out via displaying your IP. in cases where governments are against IP masking, this cryptocurrency makes use of a public ledger.
  • Lightning fast transaction speeds via the use of Simple Payment Verification(SPV) technology. Currently, speed remains a major issue in most of the current cryptocurrencies.


This is a permission-less and highly scalable blockchain platform based on Byzantine fault tolerance consensus and proof-of-work. The chief aim of cypherium is to reach the apex of decentralization, commericalizatation viability and scalability. Its unique mechanism based on consensus provides unparalleled contract turnover time and transaction turnover via Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT).

At the same time it makes use of a  proof of work (PoW) system that is ASIC-resistant. Through the provision of basic building blocks that developers can use to create revolutionary applications. The intuitive user interface also allows super easy access to its full functionality. All these combine to provide an all inclusive foundation for building a solid future for blockchain technology.


This is a video and voice calling application whose aim is to create a decentralized platform for use by consultants. This platform is one of a kind in that it allows users to monetize skills and talents in a secure manner. While using it you do not have to worry about call billing or invoices. Instead users can purchase the unique cryptocurrency known as Experty tokens for use within the network. Calls can get made with very minimal setup and queries can be answered by qualified and publicly rated experts within no time.

Furthermore, if you are an expert you get instant payments for the time you spend on a given call. There is no need to involve a third party intermediary as payments get handled in real-time via a smart contract system. It is said that the future of work is freelancing and in the blockchain community as it is, there is a talent crisis. Experty therefore provides an ingenious way to boost creativity and enhance skills via blockchain. This will lead to the creation of a global talent pool that allows both people and companies to sell and hire skills wherever they are.

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