Iconomi (ICN) Simple Digital Asset Management Solution

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With so many digital coins in the market today, the new entrant, Iconomi (ICN) in to the crypto-sphere, fund management solutions have become available not only to companies but individuals. This innovative technology seeks cut down of fund management costs and provide practical solutions that offer better transaction speeds and more integrity in a transparent environment.

What is Iconomi (ICN)?

With more and more companies and consumers looking for better ways to manage their online digital assets, Iconomi could not have come at a better time. Consumers are interested in providers with a befitting technology that seamlessly integrates to a distributed economy and their businesses; fortunately, Iconomi seems to fulfill their demand.

To make you understand, Iconomi is a blockchain technology that most cryptocurrencies use to enable users access to digital assets easily. This is a platform that connects the consumer to a distributed economy. The god thing about the network is that you do not have to be a technology guru to join; it is designed for beginners and expert in asset management.

Why Choose Iconomi?

With businesses moving from the convectional way of conducting business to technology focused ones; there is need for a platform that offers a one stop shop for all their asset management needs. If you interact with any digital assets, Iconomi (ICN) can catapult your business to the next level. Some of these assets include and not limited to fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Iconomi is the bridge that connects the consumer to the next generation distributed economy via blockchain innovation. This is an easy to use platform of the future; it exposes the user to a whole new world of online digital fund management at significantly lower fees.

You can look at Iconomi as a market place where digital assets are trades for the purpose of profiting. It is also envisioned as a new gateway where you can gain exposure to new technologies for better, asset storage and deployment. It seeks to transition from the old funds management stylr to a more transparent environment where you have a say on how your digital assets are managed.

How Does  Work?

This is every common question among cryptocurrency lovers andd fund managers. With many markets going the digital way, Iconomi offers bespoke solutions; it combines several digital assets from various platforms to theirs hence making it easier for users to track and growth their online wealth easily. The platform helps you customize your digital assets depending on your needs.

The cryptocurrency landscape is characterized by speculation and volatility. With Iconomi, you can diversify your asset price stability and can cushion users against volatility. This set up means you are not exposed to risks associated with crypto-sphere assets.

With Iconomi (ICN), your assets are not locked in by smart contracts. On the other hand, you can withdraw or move your assets anytime you want. However, the platform understands the importance of liquidity and seeks to over a seamless service that discerns the entire Iconomi community. The platform is transparent, each transaction is traceable and there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

In order for Iconomi to help you spread the risks involved in the cryptocurrency sector, the platform gives you unlimited access to blockchain index DAA. Through a few clicks, you can have this digital asset management function. This way, you are exposed to a safer assets management tool under the competent DAA managers. With the Iconomi platform, you have many options that you can explore to ensure your digital asset risks are minimized.

What is ICN Token and its future?

The Iconomi (ICN) token is what powers the platform and its functionalities. You can use the token just like other cryptocurrencies and trade it on Iconomi affiliate exchanges. More importantly, you can own ICN tokens; they are a good investment proposition if you need to grow your online wealth in the near future. When you look at the vision of Iconomi, the token or coin is designed to benefit the long term investor and cushions them against speculation and volatility.

Currently, the ICN coin is trading at $2.23 which impressive given that it has appreciated by 35.53% in the last 24 hours. The token was not affected adversely by the December/January crash due to its architecture and is firmly among the top 100 coins in terms of market capitalization.

With a lot of work behind the scenes, too much is in offing with a native debit card set to help users buy select digital assets directly. You will also use the Iconomi (ICN) coin to make platform payments. It is anticipated that the coin will be one of the best performers in 2018.


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