Gluon (GLU) ICO on Stratis (STRAT) is a sure bet! Don’t miss out

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In 2 days, Gluon (GLU) will be launching its first ICO on Stratis. This ICO will be a big deal considering that Gluon is looking to disrupt the automotive industry. It intends to give auto owners total control over their vehicles by connecting them with manufacturers, spare dealers and other players in the industry. However, that is not the big deal, the big deal is that GLU is being launched on Stratis (STRAT). Here’s why.

Firstly, Stratis is designed to handle all kinds of complex applications. That’s critical for a platform such as Gluon. You will agree with me that building an application that connects vehicles to different players in the auto industry in real time is not an easy thing. That’s why by launching an ICO on Stratis, Gluon will be positioned to launch without any issues that might compromise its utility in the eyes of users.

Therefore, the decision to launch on Stratis (STRAT) is a head-start for this ICO, and a guarantee to its success.

Then there is the issue of scalability. We all know of the scalability problem that has plagued the Ethereum platform for some time now. This is limiting, especially for projects as big as the Gluon (GLU). This is a project that is anchored on the auto industry, an industry that is expanding every year. As such, for it to work efficiently, it needs a smart contracts blockchain that is highly scalable and efficient. That’s why launching on Stratis is a major win for this project. It can scale its reach to any aspect of the automotive industry without any increases to the cost of the Glu token. That would be quite different if Glu were to be launched on the Ethereum platform. That’s because once the scalability issues set in on Ethereum, the team would either have to compromise on transaction costs or on application security.

Speaking of security, Stratis (STRAT) has some of the best security features in the smart contracts space. It is designed to mirror the security of bitcoin, one of the most secure cryptos in the market. As such, by launching on this platform, Gluon (GLU) is sure that the chances of users getting hacked and their data stolen or manipulated is close to zero. Remember this is an application that is designed to control critical aspects such as the vehicles’ security.  As such, if security were to ever become an issue, users would flee, and the project would fail.

On top of that, by launching an ICO on Stratis, Gluon will have the ability to customize their project as the need arises. That’s because the Stratis (STRAT) platform is designed to be highly customizable.  This makes it easy to tailor a project to meet the specific needs of users.

Clearly, the Gluon (GLU) ICO is a winner even before it launches. Its choice of launch platform guarantees it success.



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