Sunny days ahead for Dash (DASH): HODLing it to the moon!

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The last two months saw Dash (Dash) drop by a significant margin. The crypto went from highs of $1500 a coin to a low of $500. That’s a loss of more than $1000. If this drop affected you and you are thinking of selling your Dash holdings, then you need to rethink your decision because, Dash is about to take off again. This is not an attempt to Shill Dash, it’s just that the fundamentals are pointing to a coin that is about to head to the moon. Let’s go through some good news that will restore your faith in Dash and hold, and probably even buy some more.

  1. Bitrefill is now promoting Dash (Dash) payments

Bitrefill is a platform that allows mobile users to refill their pre-paid smart sim-cards with airtime, in more than 150 countries. In their promotion, anyone who tops up using Dash will get a 10% discount on their airtime purchases. Considering the global scale of Bitrefill’s operations, you can expect this to increase the demand for Dash (Dash) as people try to take advantage of this discount. The result will be a significant increase in the price of Dash (Dash).  Dash is already on the move after this announcement, with its price pushing from lows of $565 to its current price level of over $610 in less than 24%. As more people get to learn of this deal, you can expect Dash (Dash) to rally to $1000 or more.

  1. The price drop was not based on fundamentals

The primary reason why cryptos dropped significantly in the last two months was due to reasons that has nothing to individual coin fundamentals. The initial drop was driven by a string of bad news from China and South Korea. Then there was the issue of Coin Market Cap removing South Korean prices from its listings.  Luckily the market seems to have bottomed out, and buyers are coming back. Chances are that people will start stocking up on high-value coins that are now selling at a discount. Think of it like 2009 when blue chip stocks were selling at massive discounts. Dash in one of those top coins that lost a significant portion of its value, and is likely to attract investors in large volumes. Already the price is showing signs of a rebound, and is now trading above the $600 mark.

  1. Dash is now powering a major media personality

Dash has announced that it is now powering Ben Swath and his television show, the truth in Media. This is big news and is likely to act as a powerful marketing tool for Dash (Dash).  As this show continues to grow, you can expect his audience to take an interest in Dash, and increase its demand.

All these news combined with the fact that Dash (Dash) is trading at a discount right now, is good enough to hold this coin for the long-run. The likelihood of this coin pushing beyond its December price levels are quite high.  It’s time to buy more, and hold before it’s too late.


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