Are you holding ZClassic (ZCL)? You could be holding a gem!

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Many times when there is a hard fork, investors rush to take their money off exchanges. That’s because exchanges mostly don’t support forks, and unfortunate investors end up missing out. Luckily that’s not the case with the ZClassic fork that is creating bitcoin private.  Several major exchanges have announced that they will support this fork, and will be crediting holders of ZClassic (ZCL) with the new bitcoin private coins.

Already Bittrex one of the largest exchanges in the world has released a statement to the effect that it will be crediting all ZClassic holders with the new coins. However, the exchange has halted all deposits and withdrawals of ZClassic coins during the capture period. But that’s no biggie.  Kucoin another well-known exchange has also announced that it will be supporting this fork. In its press release, Kucoin has announced that it will be crediting all ZClassic and bitcoin holders with the new bitcoin private coins.

This is good news for ZClassic (ZCL) holders because it means you don’t have to move your coins from one point to the other, trying to catch this fork. As such, your chances of losing these coins to hackers are quite limited.

Remember hackers are now using advanced methods to steal coins while in transit from one platform to the other.
But it’s not just the security aspect that should put a smile on your face with regards to these news. It’s also the fact that exchanges might be anticipating a huge demand for bitcoin private.

Its advanced privacy features will make it a high demand coin, pushing its price up astronomically. Already there is speculation that this coin could easily be valued at $300 and above. For you as a ZClassic holder, this would be a jackpot. Imagine if you own 100 ZClassic coins only to be rewarded with 100 free coins that are valued at $300 each. You would be sitting on $30,000 easy.

You should also note that if bitcoin private classic becomes successful, there will be lots of attention on ZClassic as well. ZClassic (ZCL) is one of the best privacy coins in the market, but is has not received much attention, as compared to other privacy coins out there.

The success of Bitcoin private and the hype that will come with it is guaranteed to put ZClassic on the news for the next few weeks. We all know how powerful media attention is, to the value of a cryptocurrency. Now imagine what such hype will do to a crypto such as ZClassic that is already established in the market. It will hit the stratosphere.

Clearly, this hard fork has the potential to make ZClassic (ZCL) holders very rich in the next few days. Just hold your coins in an exchange that supports this fork, or in a cold storage wallet. You are likely to see a surge in the price of both ZClassic and Bitcoin private. It will be a win-win for HODLERS.



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