Want some free coins? Buy BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) now!

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BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) has had an exemplary run in the last few weeks. When the rest of the market was faltering, this crypto was on the move. It has managed to push up from lows of $0.31 on February 6th to its current highs of around $1.41.

That’s a huge move that not many cryptos have managed to achieve in the same period. Feels like you missed out while chasing non-performing cryptos, right? Well, here is some news that will put a smile on your face, BlockMason Credit Protocol is about to shoot up even further. But before you jump in and start buying, let’s look at the reason why it’s a good buy right now.

In 6 days, the BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) team will be doing an airdrop. Yap, on top of the already well-performing BCPT coins that investors are holding, they will also be rewarded with some extra coins for free. This was first announced through Twitter on the 20th   of February; then more details were provided later on the BCPT website.

This is big news and will have some huge implications on the price of BlockMason Credit Protocol. For starters, we are likely to see a surge in demand of BCPT coins. That’s because people want some free coins of this well-performing crypto. Investors know that this a crypto on the move, and every coin held will be worth a bundle in coming days.

In fact, there are experts who believe that BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) will be worth over $16 in the next few years.  That’s a big deal, and is playing a role in pushing up the value of BCPT before the airdrop. Imagine getting 10,000 free coins today only for them to be worth $16 later along. That’s a cool $160,000 for free. And that’s just an estimation, BlockMason Credit Protocol has the potential to be worth much more.

You probably wondering, is there any value anchor for BCPT, other than the fact that there is some airdrop coming through? Well, the answer is yes. This is one of the most revolutionary cryptos out there. It touches on the whole essence of money itself. You see, Bitcoin created a solution for transferring money in a decentralized manner, then Ethereum created a solution to the problem of money related contracts. BlockMason Credit Protocol has come up with the missing piece to complete the blockchain takeover, and that’s credit. The BCPT platform is a platform that allows for the creation of permanent debt obligations on the blockchain. This is huge, and places BCPT on the same level of importance as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptos.

Clearly, BCPT is a big deal!  So how do you get a piece of the

airdrops pie?  Well, it’s quite easy. You just need to visit the BCPT website and register. Just remember that this is a very competitive process, so the earlier you get in, the better your chances of getting the free coins.  Hurry and jump on to this money making opportunity, before it’s too late.


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