March 5th events will excite the Stellar (XLM) market: It’s time to buy!

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Last year, the value of NEO rose significantly after the NEO conference in Asia. That’s because the conference attracted media attention to the crypto. It also acted as a platform for the NEO team to announce different upcoming projects.  If you missed out on the chance to profit from the NEO conference, then you have another chance to make money, this time with Stellar (XLM).

On the 5th of March, Stellar Lumens will be partnering with eToro to discuss the future of blockchain innovations. The meeting which will be running under the Fintech week Tel Aviv 2018 will feature the founders of Stellar and eToro. It will also entail a question and answer session where participants will have a chance to ask questions on different blockchain related issues. So how is this a great thing for Stellar (XLM) investors?

Well, for starters, this is a big conference, and you can expect Stellar Lumens to be all over, in crypto related news.  Naturally, this hype will drive investor interest in this crypto, leading to an increase in trading volumes, and its price.  Already the Stellar Lumens chart is forming a double bottom pattern, which is usually a sign of an impending price rise. In this case, it is a sign that investors are buying into Stellar Lumens in anticipation of the price excitement that’s coming, in the next few days. In fact, based on that pattern alone; Stellar Lumens has the potential to hit a valuation of $0.60 in the next few days.

Then there is also the fact that during this conference, the founder of Stellar Lumen might make some major announcements about future projects in the pipeline. Remember the conference is in Israel, and in the last few years, Israel has shaped up as a minor silicon valley. If by any chance Stellar announces some serious partnerships with Israeli tech companies during this conference, Stellar Lumens (XLM) will be headed to the moon. Even a valuation of $1 would be within the rein of possibility immediately after.

The good news is that chances of such an announcement are quite high, considering that the conference is all about ways to make blockchain better. In-line with this theme, it is only natural to expect the founder of Stellar to announce some serious upcoming projects that he believes, will play a role in making the blockchain and cryptocurrency space even better.

What to do?

In anticipation of the upcoming eToro-Stellar conference, you need to start stocking up on Stellar (XLM). It is best to buy now when the price is still depressed, and volumes are still low. As stated earlier, Stellar Lumens has formed a double bottom formation, which usually signifies strong downside support for the price, and a perfect entry point for buyers.  Be a savvy investor and get in now.  Your upside exit point should be guided by the strength of the announcements that the Stellar founder will make. If they are strong, then you HODL to the moon.



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