Crypticcoin is about to revolutionize the cryptomarket

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Most coins are launched through ICOs where the developer team takes a significant part of the millions raised.   Crypticcoin is taking a completely different approach. It’s giving out coins for free. Yes, you got that right!  For a limited time, you can get Free CrypticCoins as an early adopter by simply signing up, by clicking the “Get Your Coins” button at and staying tune.  This is your chance to take part in one of the most disruptive projects in crypto space, without spending a dime.

You are probably wondering, other than the fact that it is free, what are the prospects of this coin, in the highly competitive crypto market? Well, here is some good news for you! Crypticcoin is totally worth it, and will be a game changer in the cryptomarket.

For starters, Cryptic coin has its own secure wallet. Through this wallet, you are fully in control of your private keys. This keeps you safe from the preying eyes of hackers, who are constantly stealing coins from exchanges. But the interesting part is that this coin allows you to send and receive funds anonymously. Isn’t that the whole essence of blockchain technology, giving you total control over your money, without the preying eyes of governments and hackers? In fact, this wallet is the number one reason why Crypticcoin, is about to change the crypto market as you know it for good. Very few privacy cryptos offer these capabilities.

But that’s not the only reason why you should be looking to get some CrypticCoins.  This coin also has crazy fast transaction speeds that are achieved through the simple payment verification (SPV) technology.  Through this technology, Crypticcoin easily rivals the fastest cryptos in the market. Considering that transaction speeds are a challenge for mainstream cryptos such as bitcoin and Ethereum, expect Crypticcoin to head for the moon once it’s launched.

Then there is the fact that this crypto is also highly anonymous. You see, some of the mainstream cryptos that are focused on privacy are actually not that private. They do leave some trace through your IP address. This is not the case with Crypticcoin. When making payments with Crypticcoin, your IP can never be revealed. That’s because it uses TOR IP obfuscation. Thanks to this technology, Crypticcoin does not reveal the identity of both the sender and the receiver. In short, everything is completely anonymous.

But what if government regulations in some countries are against such anonymity features? Well, the Crypticcoin team also has a solution for this issue. The team has included a feature that allows transactions to be made through the public ledger in cases where the anonymity feature is unnecessary or is against the law.  This is the same feature that the Monero team introduced a few weeks ago. This should give you an idea of how powerful Crypticcoin is in the market.

Crypticcoin is truly a hidden gem that is about to take the market by storm. Don’t miss out!we recommend followCrypticcoin’s official twitter account.


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