Anticipation grips aelf (ELF) market ahead of their Feb 27th meet up in Singapore

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The much volatile aelf (ELF) cryptocurrency is expected to see some movements today and the rest of this week due to the impact of their meet up in Singapore. Meet up are usually important functions for cryptocurrencies since the coin’s community in that specific region get to meet and discuss about almost everything  that affect the aelf (ELF) coin.

It is during meet ups when the team gets to even roll out their expectations and other big stuff that they are looking forward to do in the region.

This Singapore meet up comes hot on the heels of the aelf candy program that was a project of AKA Azeroth and partnership with the DATx blockchain network.

For the Candy Program, withdrawals were delayed due to the New Year festivals in China, and they were expected to kick off today, 27th Feb. This coincidentally coincides with the meet up in Singapore which is good news for traders and investors. aelf was also to introduce New Year gifts due to the Chinese New Year celebrations. Therefore, you should be sure of quite a lot of movement in the market.

If you missed out on the meet up in Korea, you don’t have to worry since Singapore is just within the same continent and the aelf (ELF) meet up in Singapore will offer a glimpse into what may have been discussed in Korea plus many more.

aelf (ELF) Market Price

If you look at the self (ELF) market, you will realize that it is one of the most volatile crypto coins around. Its market is never very smooth to talk of a clear uptrend or downtrend. It is actually the perfect market for short term cryptocurrency traders.

It is actually the only market that you will find without the major downtrend that affected most cryptocurrency markets in the beginning of 2018.


Currently, according to the market cap is $305,922,500 USD with a trading volume of $16,161,800 USD.

The total coins in circulation are 250,000,000 ELF out of the total generated coins of 280,000,000 ELF.

As of 27th Feb, the market price of ELF is $1.22 USD.

aelf (ELF) expectations for the Q1 2018

The first quarter of 2018 is nearing its end and with the current announcements of aelf (ELF), it is all green for the coin to hit $2 by the end of the first quarter or at least at the beginning of the second quarter.

Apart from the recent developments, the networks, banks on its Self-evolving Main Chain and Side Chains structure where the side chains can be as many as the users want. Also, there is the highly effective non-redundant cross-chain communication network as well as the fast transaction processing.



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