3 Things You Should Know About The Verge (XVG)

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The cryptocurrency over reliance on the media, movers and shakers might be working in favor of Verge (XVG).  John McAfee has always been associated with his crypto-advocacy predictions which shift trade patterns. However, Verge is uniquely packaged with privacy and anonymity features anyone should look for in a cryptocurrency.

By positioning itself to offer what the user is demanding, the Verge roadmap is clear; it is aimed at attaining an all-time high of $15 by end of 2018. This is paged on how the user interacts with the privacy and anonymity features to get the best out of their transactions and achieve a better user experience.

Verge (XVG) Consistency

The first time I heard about Verge, it was ranked at 60 and has over time been steadily moving up to the current position of 27. If you are optimistic like me, a little research will reveal that this is the right coin to invest in now. One good about this coin is its efforts to cover gaps left by older cryptocurrencies.

Privacy and anonymity is the key driver in the Verge project. You have the freedom to choose to stay private or public and determine how desecrate you want your transactions to be. You do not have to expose your online privacy especially when it comes to your digital assets and transactions. Verge protects you at all time.

Privacy and anonymity in your financial transactions has always been there since the invention of blockchain technology; however, verge has taken it a notch further. Verge is different from other crypto-platforms that are associated with privacy; they seek to do things differently. With public ledger based cryptocurrencies like Verge, you can views all the transactions but the system does not reveal the identity of the participants.

The Truth about Verge

As per GitHub, Verge (XVG) is powered by an open source community in nature. Unlike other Altcoins, there is no company behind the project. The funding comes from the developer team in terms of time and donations from well-wishers.

Verge transaction speeds are a plus to the network; this is made possible by using TOR technology on top of their android wallet. With fast transactions, ass adoption becomes possible. This feature targets the increasing number of android system users; a good strategy once their start educating the masses about their product.

The Verge (XVG) wallet allows anyone with an android OS application to send and receive XVG tokens in real time. Their transaction process keeps off third parties to maintain their privacy and anonymity. This offers users the best experience and ease of transactions.

Verge (XVG) Performance and the McAfee Tweet

When the McAfee tweet on Verge hit the social media, the coin grew by 800% within a short span of time. This is a true testimony of how Verge is prepared for the future adoption. However, many McAfee critics argue the tweet was for personal gains. The bottom line remains Verge is technically prepared for any eventuality in the cryptocurrency landscape.

For a while XVG has been trading under $0.05 and it has jumped the barrier to trade at $0.061394 with a 24 hour gain of 8.87%.  With a market cap of $899milion, more than $19.3 XVG tokens exchanged hands.  With this relatively low price bulk investors are taking advantage given than more is still being developed on the platform.

Verge (XVG) is soon implementing the smart contract technology in their ecosystem. These contracts allow for the deployment of DApps and developers will monetize these on the platform. This is an easy catch to woo more investors, especially the corporate and institutions to come onboard.

Application hosting on the verge community means growth of their decentralized loyal community. However, smart contracts are not a surefire way to make XVG skyrocket. It is part of the project and its implementation will not be complete until the last quarter of 2018.

With a lot of activity happening behind the scenes, Verge (XVG) will end the year as one of the most promising Altcoins. With the increased awareness on what each cryptocurrency is all about, this is the right time to invest on XVG. Once all systems go, the sky could be the limit.


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