Po.et (POE): What’s the Story?

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Po-et (POE) might not be among the old cryptocurrencies in the market but is causing them some sleepless nights; literally. This is a new entrant into the content licensing sphere and keeps gaining. However, its traction has been interrupted but seems to have some hidden magnet pulling it up.

If you are into the HODL business, this could be your chance to invest and reap your short term benefits. You need to open a purse for Po.et and watch the crypto hero climb the ranks for you. However, the coin experienced a steep drop a week ago but is steadily gaining ground.

What is Po.et (POE)?

I would describe it as a media shy cryptocurrency, a true characteristic of a coin going places. This is a blockchain technology powered asset management tool that seeks to give content developers power over their content.

Traditionally, the industry is controlled by third parties an arrangement that drains the creator resources to profit the publisher. Po.et is the bridge that offers transparency in the industry by making it easy to discover and verify new content.

The role of Po.et is to give the content creator and publisher the right tools to make the licensing process seamless. This does away with middlemen who are known not only to exploit but slow down the process.

Po.et uses cryptography to give both publishers and content creators the tools to automate the licensing process without relying on third parties. Choose from a preexisting license or create your own terms and automate the payments, transfers and issuance of licenses.

In its simplicity, Po.et is a shared ledger that is easy to use in tracking content attribution and ownership. The platform is highly transparent offering an alternative to the convectional system where third parties exploited the major players in the content development and publishing industry.

Why Trust Po.et (POE) with your Content?

Transparency is very important and this is where Po.et derives its pride from. It rides on the Bitcoin blockchain which is public and distributed. Anyone can access the platform and integrity is guaranteed. You have access to your digital asset and you can track and detect any violations anytime anywhere.

Bitcoin has one of the best and secure computing mining network that. This is what makes Po.et secure and the integrity of their data is never compromised.  Your data and identity is stored securely. On top of it all, your interaction in Po.et platform does not expose you unless you grant consent.

The Po.et platform gives you enough flexibility; you can decide to share your content with the public or keep it private to yourself. In addition the network allows you to come up with your own license terms or just tailor make your own smart contracts.

What is POE in the Po.et Ecosystem?

According to Po.et (POE) website, POE token is the economic tool that is used for crowdsourcing the truth.  The token is the currency that powers your content discoverability and increases your content reputation.

With the December-January bull-run still fresh in the minds of many crypto-enthusiasts, the crypto-panic craze did not move the little known Po.et POE. With many Altcoins still getting out of the low price bracket, POE is positioning itself to scale the $1 heights. This might be a huge feat to achieve, but 2018 is the year to achieve that goal.

Po.et (POR) is actively traded thanks to the Binance support and a possible partnership with Maven (MVEN) media is a clear indication of where the POE token is headed. Many Binance users looking for low entry Altcoin are choosing POE instead of TRON (TRX) which shares a lot of similarities.



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