Golem (GNT): One World, One Computer

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With more demand for cloud computing on the rise, Golem (GNT) is positioning itself to offer you a one world, one computer solution. Golem offers the best value proposition for a coin, GNT, which you can invest in and get more than what you bargain for. This could be your hidden gem among thousands of active cryptocurrencies.

Known as the sleeping giant in the crypto-sphere, Golem is set to revolutionize your perception about the global computing power. Golem vision is to create a supper computer that will work like the current popular AirBnB with computer inclinations.

This is a decentralized global computer that will help you interlink computers across the world. This is a system that will help in solving many real life problems that are experienced by machine learners, graphic designers and other memory intensive functions.

How does Golem (GNT) Work?

To make it easy for you, this is a real life problem solving platform where one can sell or rent computing power. You use the golem native currency to purchase the services on offer. There is a lot of unused computing power across the globe and the Golem project seeks to tap into it and put it into better use.

If you have unused or idle computing power, you can monetize it through the Golem platform. Those who use or rent it will pay for it using the Golem tokens or GNT and you get rewarded by the end of the day. The entire Golem network is powered by GNT. Providers get paid by users on the platform for any services by this native token.

Why Invest in Golem (GNT) Now?

The Golem project is ongoing and many new features are in the pipeline; by the time it is complete, it will be a massive innovation. However, from the cryptocurrency markets, the coin has gained 21.89% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.389235. With a market cap of $324 million, over 8.5 million GNT have changed hands in the same period.

The beauty of the GNT it is a long term investment proposition; with a fixed supply in the market, you are investing on value. This means that its value will always go up as long as there are demand triggers that create scarcity of the coin.

If you have computing power that you are not using, you can rent out and you are guaranteed of revenues as long as there are people looking for the facility. The value of the GNT coin will increase when more users adopt that system since this will increase activity.

One of the major problems facing cryptocurrencies is the number of exchanges that are willing to list them especially now coins in the market. For Golem, they seem to have endeared many exchanges and got listed with ease. At the moment, more than 5 exchanges have listed GNT and the list keeps growing. Some of the major exchange supporting he project include Bittrex, Huobi, Bitfinex and Poliniex. MyEtherWallet is current offering GNT storage in the event that you are not using a hardware wallet. However, Golem is based on the Ethereum ecosystem and can support ERC20 wallet.

Way Forward for Golem (GNT)

The idea behind Golem is to disrupt the annual $130 billion cloud computing sector. It has come at the right time when computing power is becoming a challenge across the globe. This is a huge market for any long-term investor given that the computing power deficit will keep skyrocketing and so is the value of Golem token, GNT.

The Golem (GNT) vision of the platform is to help investors gain from idle computing power while providing a platform where developers can tap in to less resources intensive ecosystem.  Their one world, one computer might see tech-savvy users achieve more for less.



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