VeChain (VEN): Bringing Supply Chain Management Home

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In the wildly competitive cryptocurrency market, investor satisfaction is not enough; a well packaged crypto is what draws the user curiosity. VeChain (VEN) believes in specialty and this is why they are taking the supply chain management industry to the next level. VeChain is setting the supply chain management standards and it is only a click away.

Vechain (VEN) is the best crypto buy today since the price is affordable to may. With the news that the coin is getting listed on Coinnest exchange is another reason to buy at the moment. With the listing news, VEN surged to an all-time high of $8.51 in mid-January but has plummeted to a low of $5.62 against the USD shedding 0.18% but slightly gaining against BTC by 3.05%.

Uniqueness of VeChain in Supply Chain Management

VeChain is the very fast blockchain based application to grace the crypto-world with an innovative way of providing tamper free information around products. This is a future business distributed model that will create a reference point for all players in the supply chain management.

VeChain k is set to deliver quality products to the consumer depending to their demands. It seeks to seal all the loop holes in supply chain management while at the same time streamlining it for good. This to the consumer means that product authenticity will be achieved and they will be able to track products from the production area to their homes.

Products are always vulnerable to tampering leading to counterfeits in the market. With blockchain and smart contract technology, this will be a thing of the past. The influx of fake products is due to laxity in the existing supply chain management system that is easily manipulated through fraud.

At this age, no one wants to invest in just any other cryptocurrency; you need to look at the value it adds to your business or lifestyle. VeChain seeks to address real life challenges that people and organizations are facing today. Some of the industries VeChain is working with include agriculture, the liquor and luxury goods.

Will VeChain (VEN) Realize their Dream?

Well, VeChain has already made inroads in Singapore, France and Hong Kong and they are pushing for world-wide implementation of their project.  Once more producers and participants adopt the platform, it will be easy for VeChain to implement a universal scan-able code for all goods and products in their system from affiliates and other stakeholders.

Codes, just like QR will be used to identify what is authentic and fake. All you need is a smartphone to pick your authentic product from fakes. This means more trust and profits for the manufacturer and quality for the consumer.

Tracking of goods that you use is possible with VeChain; you have the power to track these through the entire chain; from the component or ingredient level, through production and warehousing to retail. If the certified code does not match the product, you have the right to demand an authentic one.

VeChain (VEN) Products Latest Case Study

Blockchain technology is disrupting the healthcare and VeChain is doing the same for the supply chain management.  Creation of a central point for all manufacturers to store data is the vision of VeChain Using smart contracts, all entries are reentered immutable and can only be altered by consensus of the majority users.

Once product data is captured by the system, it means that all users can monitor it transparently making the process secure. You can monitor product movement but cannot add or erase its attributes from the system; an assurance that it gets to its destination intact.

Each industry has its own demands and VeChain addresses these to provide specific solutions. In the food industry, safety of what you consume is critical and tracking what lands on your table is what is important to the VeChain ecosystem.

Where Does the Native Vehcain (VEN) coin come in?

VEN is the token that powers the VeChain platform. You use the token to pay for or receive when you utilize their products and services. Over 40% of the tokens were distributed during the TGE. Any profits go to the ecosystems Foundation for development and growth purposes.

With the unending demand for VeChain, several exchanges have added VEN to their trade portfolio. CoinBase, Binance, KuCoin and Coinnest are some of the reputable outlets you can buy or sell your VEN tokens. With the hype and expected growth, VeChain, which has its largest market in South Korea, is set to grow in 2018. The coin is already shaking the global market due to the expected value addition to  global supply chain management. There is no better time to own VeChain (VEN) than now.




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