IOTA (MIOTA) Hits the Headlines Again All for a Good Reason

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It is amazing how the cryptocurrency landscape can change overnight.   IOTA (MIOTA) has had its ups and lows but it is in the news again giving the investor a ray of hope. Ranked 10th in terms of market capitalization, it is the only coin that has gained in the last 24 hours 12.67% among the leading 30 coins.

Looking at the current trends, IOTA (MIOTA) seems to be the center of adoption. Many investors might not be happy with the trends especially when other major digital coins are in the red. Surprisingly, IOTA adoption has surpassed that of Bitcoin. IOTA might not be 100% scalable and its technology security might be under scrutiny but the overall value proposition will discern any user.

The name of any cryptocurrency does not make it dominant. People and to-be-investors are more knowledgeable with digital coins than two years ago. This is the same with IOT (MIOTA) performance is what drives adoption leading to traction.

 IOTA Place in the Market Today

MIOTA is one coin that will pull unexpected surprises; it is currently among the coins in green trading at $1.97 with a change of 14.16% in the last 24 hours. The trading volume stands at $87,461,900 almost double the volume six days ago.

The above scenario might not sink comfortable into the investor mind but the increased adoption should be a plus for them to stay put and invest more. Currently, IOTA is trying to position itself and start 2018 on a positive note.  With an already working product, users need to be ready for better days.

IOTA Market Leadership in the Internet of Things

IOTA might not give you the Disney World kind of life but it is set to change your lifestyle significantly. At least it will make you comfortable enough such that your car does not stall because your gas is low. Simply, it will communicate with the neighborhood gas station, you get a full tank, and transaction completed online.

The platform will enable you tap into the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It is no brainer that machine to machine transactions is the way to go for the future. It seeks to help you get the best of the machines that you have always interacted with on a daily basis. Its growth is leveraged on the blockchain technology power to make machines work for you.

The crypto-panic of end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 is already behind many cryptocurrency users and coins, and particular MIOTA are maintaining green punctuated by occasional red. Every coin is struggling but in any marathon, there are those who come out tops.

IOTA offers on-demand services and is well positioned to tap into the existing gaps and offer a product that makes the user life better. A drop in the market does not necessarily mean panic; it is a volatile unregulated market and you have to adjust with times.

IOTA (MIOTA) has the Global Reach and Appeal

With the increasing uncertainty in the cryptocurrency landscape, the IOTA Foundation strongly believes the coins future is bright. To attest to this, their recent tweet from their official twitter handle shows the growing number of early adopter companies is proof enough of the direction they have chosen to go.

Already Bosch, Volkswagen and ITIC have partnered with the platform. This is a major achievement towards early adoption and winning in the IoT sector. There other projects on the offing and this exceed what Bitcoin has been able to bang in the last few years.

With IOTA, the question is not how well the distributed ledger works but how it will deliver to the consumer. So far, they have a growing number of contracts with institutions and corporates of repute and more are joining this innovative IoT platform.

With the global appeal ad seeking to meet user demands, drawing high adoption rates will only transform the world into distinct smart cities. Taipei is one of the cities that have adopted IOTA technology and more are anticipated.

Why Choose IOTA (MIOTA)?

IOTA (MOITA) touches on all areas technology and it will impact positively on the entire economy of the future. It has a place for production, supply chain management, consumer trends, education and finance. With a crypto based solution, the likes of corruption and social inequality will be things of the past.

IOTA (MIOTA) is not a monopoly in the IoT sector; there are others that you can try. He only difference is that IOTA delivers what it promises. The IOTA Foundation has always been in the forefront in support of a fully distributed system that delivers collaboration in a smart economy environment.


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