Forecasting feature to push Wings (WINGS) above $5

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For an altcoin that enjoys a Swiss origin and a rich team of developers, Wings (WINGS) is set to be a market mover in the crypto arena. The decentralized blockchain network is among the early players to focus on integrating AI’s with the growing financial world. Derivatives and business proposals have become very important in the modern world of Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs, WINGS is the blockchain vehicle that has the ability to reduce risks involved.

Wings and WINGS

Let’s take a look into what Wings (WINGS) brings into the blockchain network with its new idea. Many investors and entrepreneurs’ e are likely to confuse this network for a venture capital; this is not the case as the main objective is to facilitate smart contracts. It’s a very simple concept; the blockchain network provides templates that enable to setup Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). The WINGS tokens are independent for each project with contracts that are programmable and a funding outline.

With this new technology, proposals will now receive better evaluations and forecast through incentives to token holders. Gone will be the days that proposals end up yielding very low returns for investors. Through DAO, WINGS will evolve the assessment of key factors in proposals by using forecasts from token holders to predict on future cash flows. The token holders in the blockchain network will depend on ratings from the community within a specific DAO which means their reputation and rewards from the platform is based on the accuracy of their forecasts.

The Decentralized platform is open to everyone and anyone can submit their DAO proposal in the platform. WINGS software can also be downloaded into personal computers where the blockchain stores metadata and file storage handled by the IPFS. A variety of smart contracts are supported on this network with the most common being Ethereum.

Market for Wings (WINGS)

WINGS attempts to solve the problem associated with adverse effects which in Finance would involve funding bad investments. Unworthy submissions are instantly spammed by participants within the network which reduces the probability of bad projects accessing funding.

In order to achieve its objective, WINGS uses the following distinct tech;

  • Swarm Intelligence

WINGS is one of the players to apply artificial intelligence in its product; using the collective behavior of forecast within its self-organized DAO’s.

  • Model flexibility and Inclusivity

The governance model applied by WINGS is inclusive of both the delegate and the voter.  The more one contributes to forecasting within the platform, the better suited they become for the WINGS participation model.

  • Artificial Neutral Network

Technology has made it possible for humans to converse with bots, WINGS uses the LSTM Deep Learning Networks to bring this feature into its blockchain platform. Predictive modeling a current trend has a lot of work being done in the data science space; this is a possible driver for adoption of this blockchain network.


 Price analysis

Wings (WINGS) is currently ranked 152 by and falls among the Micro-cap coins currently in the crypto market. The altcoin has now been existence for over a year and one who is familiar with the volatility in the crypto arena would expect a few plunges and surges over this period. Well this is the case for WINGS which stands at a 150% 200 day volatility although it is much safer than other Micro-cap coins according to analysis from DigitalAssetDB.

What would be interesting to an investor about WINGS is its high liquidity ratio which stands at 60.50%. The coins price is currently $ 0.87 with a daily trading volume of $ 2.31 million which has seen an enormous improvement of 732% within the last 24 hours.

This altcoin is in the right space to develop and has potential to be bullish in the next few years until it equals the value it’s about to bring to the Financial markets. The WINGS blockchain & token have the right recipe for taking the value of predictive e analytics to the next level. Besides linking the world of artificial intelligence with that of forecasting, Wings (WINGS) is generous to its community through platform generated rewards.


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