Red Pulse (RPX): Meet the Chinese crypto helping in market and business research

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Red Pulse (RPX), a Chinese based cryptocurrency, is a research content ecosystem and it is revolutionizing the role of cryptocurrencies in the field of financial research. This cryptocurrency is offering help in doing market and business research.

For investors and especially market analysts, they would tell you that it is usually very difficult to get the right information about financial markets. Normally, the conventional market research is expensive since a lot of experts are involved and they off course must get paid for going through the enormous amount of data to do the research and analysis for you.

The most annoying part is that even with the high cost of obtaining information about the financial markets, the information at times may end up being misleading.

Red Pulse (RPX) cryptocurrency seeks to deal with the issues touching on business and financial market research and analysis. The core areas that Red Pulse is concerned about is the monopoly by some big companies, overload of the information and the inaccurate and non-transparent financial information.

The main success of Red Pulse has been in dealing with the overload since over the last few years, an analyst would have to process a lot of information doing his analysis and some of that information turns out to be completely useless.

So, how does Red Pulse (RPX) help in the financial research?

Generally, Red Pulse ensures that the research providers are compensated for their work and at the same time ensure that the customers get the required information without overloading them with unnecessary information.

The Red Pulse platform has automated the processes of data collection, data classification and transformation and information and trend analysis. At the same time contributors (research analysts) are also allowed to chip in their contributions in terms of hypothesis and insight creation and in writing and editing.

The research analysts then get compensated through a cryptocurrency based monetization system. The token used in the system is the RPX coin.

Features of the Red Pulse Research platform

  • Aggregation

This offers a collection of the information, which is mainly about the Chinese markets news as well as various developments around the Chinese companies.

  • Curation

Here the analysts look remove unwanted information while moderating the unwanted info.

  • Analysis

The remaining information is systematically looked into to ascertain its relevancy. Then more research and analysis is done on how this information impacts on the investors, companies and financial markets.

How to access the Red Pulse platform

To access the Red Pulse (RPX) platform, you will need to sign into their client only web portal ( so as to access their real-time feeds as well as a four years archived research on financial markets and companies/businesses.

The research terminals used include the Bloomberg, Thomson FactSet and the S&P Capital IQ.

They also have an iOS app which pushes notifications from the portals real time feeds.

Is Red Pulse (RPX) Coin traded?

Yes. The RPX coin can be traded on a number of exchange platforms like Kucoin, binance and Huobi. The largest volume is at

According to, the current Market cap of Red Pulse (RPX) is $117,399,680 USD with a circulation coin supply of 543,348,500 RPX out of the total coin supply of 1,358,371,250 RPX.



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