Lunyr (LUN) Monetize your Articles and Get Paid for Writing

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Getting paid to write has never been easy. There are many writing platforms out there and differentiating scams from legit sites has always kept good content developers away. Lunyr (LUN) seeks to revolutionize this by introducing a blockchain based platform where you can share your knowledge. It simply works on the premise you get traffic, you get paid.

This is not your usual writing platform; you have to follow set guidelines  and a specific checklist to ensure quality content. Unlike other content writing, becoming a participant is easy; you do not have to go through a vetting process as long as you agree to their terms and conditions. You are issued with a private key once you register and you have full access of the writing tools.

Lunyr (LUN) Goals

The Lunyr goal is to present a writing platform for the professions content developer with special focus on article writing. This is ideal for the blogger who wants to engage their audience on a decentralized ecosystem. This is a knowledge sharing platform where the content developer and advertiser have control over their resources.

Lunyr seeks to create the future of decentralized knowledge crowdsourcing and as a user; you get rewarded for information sharing. If you have the quest for information that is reliable and accurate, Lunyr will be your one stop blockchain based encyclopedia.

Based on the Ethereum platform, Lunyr is set to develop knowledge based API in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) as well as Augmented Reality. As the consumer demands become complex, the platform is west to provide solutions that satisfy the real world information needs.

Content monetization has always been a preserve for established writers and controlled by big Advertising Corporation. This is no more with Lunyr; you have the upper hand in controlling who advertises on your content. You ensure relevance of ads appearing on your blog.

Why Invest in Lunyr (LUN) in 2018

At this age, information plays a crucial role in daily life. The top 10 most popular sites in Alexa rankings are visited by those seeking credible information. The leader in the pack is the Wikipedia since reader see it as the “online truth”. This is the market segment that Lunyr is targeting; your ads will have a chance to interact with millions of visitors and you earn more LUN tokens.

As an investor, your earnings will be determined by the quality of content on the Lunyr platform. If the platform attracts more visitors, the more advertisers will pump money into the system and your earnings grow.

When advertisers submit their ads, participants vet them and assign them to content according to relevance. Content is stored off chain in IPFS files allowing anyone to host content. Lunyr is not the censorship focal point but offers a convenient and reliable knowledge base that is just a click away.

Lunyr Coin Price and Performance

The entry of Lunyr (LUN) into the crypto-sphere is causing jitters among content development platforms and advertising companies. The popularity of the concept has endeared many investors and a rush for the coin is just unfolding.

According to CoinMarketcap charts, the LUN coin is trading at $28.26 with a growth of 92.11 in the last 24 hours.  This is in the backdrop of a market cap of $6.49 million and a total circulation volume of 2.7 million LUN. The platform is in the beta stage and there is more in the offing before it goes live.  Once the beta phase is completed, the token is expected to move past the $50 by close of the year. However, according to their whitepaper the Lunyr beta release should see the coin trading at$150 y end of between March and April.

Lunyr (LUN) is the easiest way to monetize your articles and get paid for writing. This is a big boost for writers who are passionate about original content and getting rewarded for their passion. Anyone can become a member and earn LUN. You get approved in seconds and no vetting processes.


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