Neo (NEO): The Phenomenal Coin to Buy Today

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Walking through the cryptocurrency jungle can be scary and treacherous. With so much misinformation, you need to get the true facts about the right coin to invest in advance. Bitcoin where other coins derive their architecture has always remained technical. Neo (NEO) an Altcoin seeks to make life better for cryptocurrency users.

NEO is Chinas largest cryptocurrency that has gone global. It is a new way to spend money; a way to power the global helps you trade digital assets publically using a public smart contract enabled ledger. You move your money around once set platform conditions are met making is the future of “smart economy”.

State on Neo (NEO) in the Market

Neo has been skyrocketing in the past few days making it the place where people go for reliable transactions according to Bloomberg news. There is a lot of excitement across the globe after NEO hit $59.94 in December. It has since skyrocketed to a staggering price of $136.75 by 25th, January 2018. This is a growth of 128% which every investor should set eyes on.

However, the price, according to CoinMarketCap website stands at $122.29 USD (6.56%) with a market cap of $7.9 billion. This has pushed to coin to be among the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of market capitalization.

The bullish state seems to take a break and Neo (NEO) seems to be reversing direction from what was experienced earlier and the earlier fall to $100 seems highly unlikely. The NEO/USD pair is trying to hold on the $120 average and is the support zone is upheld, the coin has the likelihood of gaining traction.

Why Buy Neo (NEO) Today Anyway?

NEO, a non-profit blockchain based community uses a technology that gives assets digital identity and automate digital asset management processes using Ethereum smart contracts to give you access to a new world of “smart economy”.

Neo is a focused platform that seeks to offer more than Ethereum. While Ethereum is creating a platform to solve the current consumer needs, Neo is busy creating an ecosystem that will solve consumer future demands.

Neo wants to work with the government, independent organizations and individuals to drive their agendas forward. It is true that governments hate anonymous transactions and that is why they have a soft spot for the coin. For NEO to be adopted by governments and other stakeholders, they need to develop a platform that will offer digital identities making it the “smart economy” of the future coin.

Neo is moving a step further than just settling on currencies for asset exchange; they are moving to the level where car ownership, real estate, precious stones, electronics and farms are digitalized. This is how smart contract based economy can be powerful.

Future of Neo (NEO) Looks Bright

According to the Forbes Magazine, some of the coins that are poised to double in value in 2018 include NEO. By the beginning of New Year, out of the 20 top cryptocurrencies, only three started on the uptrend. NOE was previously undervalued but with the “smart economy” concept, everything seems to work towards the coin favor.

It is still fresh in our minds that Bitcoin traded at $15 in 2012 but is currently worth 10,475.30 USD (3.88%). Given the Neo has better features and is trading at $122.29 USD (6.56%); where will it be in the next one or two years holding all other factors constant?

With a lot of interest, Neo (NEO) has partnered with several exchanges for increased uptake. Binance and Bittrex offers an exchange wallet that supports NEO. Other exchanges that you can trade NEO include Bitfinex, HitBTC, Coinswitch, Cryptopia and Qryptos.

If you are looking for the next Bitcoin with features that support future smart economy, Neo (NEO) is the coin to buy today. If you are focus is on a coin that has a sustainable growth, you cannot go wrong with this Chines homegrown global coin.



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