WePower (WPR) Listing on Binance will Power Europe

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This week, WePower (WPR) was chosen by Fast Company, as one of the most innovative companies in the energy industry. Fast Company is a leading global business publication focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. This comes as a huge step in showing the potential the network has. However, the coin is yet to be registered on a huge exchange, but the recent inclusion in the 6th session of the ‘Community coin of the month’ on Binance Exchange may well change that. The token aims at having key technological solutions that facilitate the energy system within Europe and the aid transition towards a clean and sustainable future.

“WePower will help energy companies to run green energy project development process much easier and also tap into the global capital flows for their funding.”

The European Commission of Energy has encouraged every country to replace the current electricity metering and replace them with the smart metering systems.  This looks to increase participation of active consumers in the electricity markets on one side and would also assist the utility companies and grid operators plan and manage energy grids more efficiently. However, the cost of installing these systems to at least 80% of the households would require intensive capital injections which would turn out too expensive. Each household needs $300 (250 EUR) to install the smart metering system. The various companies will now be able to raise this huge amounts of capital through the platform.

WePower (WPR) network will offer open green energy financing through a decentralized trading platform. The platform aims at helping energy companies to raise these capital funds and run sustainable green energy project development through a simple, transparent and globally open blockchain that offers solutions to energy problems.

The power of WPR

According to the tally of votes as at 1.00AM GMT this Thursday, the coin was placed second at 20.98% of the total votes. DENT token, the mobile data market coin, tops the voting list with 21.88% of the total votes cast. However, on paper WePower seems to have an edge over their competitors due to their large community base and this may well push it above DENT in the voting tally. While only one of the two coins can win this current voting round, the future  developments in both coins will see them both on the exchange eventually.

The WPR marketing team have so far done wonderfully in growing their community base in the last few weeks. The numbers below prove the power WPR has and why it may well be the next coin to be listed on Binance:

  • 4,500 people subscribed to our YouTube channel;
  • 320,540 minutes total watch-time for our YouTube videos;
  • 29,300 followers of our Twitter channel;
  • 19,581 followers of our Facebook page;
  • 43,110 members the general Telegram group;
  • 10,440 subscribers on the announcement channel on Telegram;

Binance Voting Rounds

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has voting rounds that allows registered users to vote for their favourite coin to be added to the exchange. This Thursday, the exchange announced their 5th voting round that included WePower (PWR) which was competing with 11 other coins to be added to the exchange. This comes as big news to the green energy solutions company which was started barely two months ago. Binance currently has over 6 million users and trades daily volumes of over $2Billion.  The current voting period ends on 25th February 2018.

How to vote

  1. Open a Binance account, which will take you less than 5 minutes to do so and deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.
  2. Exchange your Bitcoin or Ether for the Binance coin (BNB) which will be used to vote on their website. The community members of the coins on the voting list usually send the 0.1 BNB needed to vote.
  3. Go to the website’s voting channel.
  4. Vote for your preferred coin. You should note that, you can vote for multiple candidates but only a maximum of one vote per candidate.
  5. Pay the 0.1 BNB voting fee.

The coin with most number of votes wins the spot on Binance, subject to final review. WePower (WPR) may well be this coin. This will definitely push it to levels above the dollar mark.


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