The Exodus Main net will push Tron (TRX) to the moon

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Good news for Tron (TRX) investors! The platform’s CEO Justin Sun has announced that they will be launching the Tron main net on the 31st of March. The aim is to detach Tron from Ethereum. This is a game changer and will take Tron (TRX) to the moon. Here’s why:

  1. Tron transactions will be extremely cheap

According to the Tron (TRX) team, the main net will have extremely low fees standing at around 0.000005 cents per transactions. Essentially, this means you can make up to 20,000 transactions at a cost of 1 cent.  That’s relatively cheap when compared to Ethereum’s $1 per transaction or Bitcoin’s $5 a transaction.

Considering that transaction costs are part of the challenges hindering large scale crypto adoption, expect Tron to get adopted faster than the rest once this is actualized. Already, a Yacht company in the U.S is accepting Tron as a mode of payment, and Main net has not even been released. Clearly, the future of Tron as a currency is bright.

  1. Transaction volumes will surge

Once the Tron network is detached from Ethereum, its ability to scale will be infinite. The team projects that it will be in a position to handle over 1000 transactions per second.  That’s way higher than the number of transactions that higher market cap cryptos such as bitcoin and Ethereum can handle. The impact will be an increase in the appeal of Tron to businesses looking to adopt blockchain technologies in improving their systems.

Trading volumes are also likely to increase significantly due to this increased intrinsic value of this crypto as a currency.  This is great news for Tron (TRX) investors because the chances of their investments significantly growing in value will be greatly increased. Tron already has admirable trading volumes, valued at over $300 million a day. There is a good chance that these volumes will quadruple once Tron successfully tests outs its main net, and stops relying on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s definitely a good time to be Tron investor.

  1. Tron will support smart contracts

One of the most valuable aspects of cryptocurrencies is the ability to create smart contracts.  Tron wants to make this even more efficient, by allowing individuals to create and launch their own smart contracts written in Java among other languages.

The Tron smart contracts will also be lightweight, and very scalable, which is guaranteed to see a surge in the number of developers looking to launch their smart contracts using this platform. As this demand grows, so will the value of Tron going into the long-run.

  1. Businesses will launch their tokens on the Tron (TRX) network

The ability to launch one’s own token is one of the most powerful aspects of the Tron network. After the main net is launched, anybody with a business will be in a position to raise money for their business by launching tokens on the Tron blockchain. This is guaranteed to push the value of Tron up significantly in coming days.

It makes lots of sense to buy and hold Tron (TRON) right now.


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