Ripple (XRP) network earns it a Partnership with LianLian International

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Ripple (XRP) is proving to be a gaint in the world of cryptocurrencies. Ripple’s blockchain is just a breakthrough. Its developers must have had a perfect vision, especially when it comes to linking it with various platforms for sending money that are available worldwide.

From linking banks, digital asset exchange platforms and payment providers, Ripple network (RippleNet) has succeeded in providing a smooth, fast, cheap and secure experience of transferring funds.

Over the years since it was launched, Ripple (XRP) has attracted very lucrative partners who what to use its blockchain technology in making their services efficiently. Some of the best partnerships include: MUFG Bank of Tokyo-Mistubishi UFJ, RBC, Santander, Standard Chartered, Westpac, Credit Agricole, American Express, UBS, Axis Bank, SBI Remit, BMO, UNICREDIT, CIBC, BBVA, RakBank, YesBank, IFX International Foreign Exchange, TransferGo, Cambridge Global Payments, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and MoneyGram among several others.

LianLian Pay international just added to the list of partners who feel Ripple has a great blockchain that they can exploit to better their services.

What is LianLian Pay International?

LianLian Pay is a money service company which operates across borders. Its headquarters are based in Hong Khong, making a Chinese owned payment service company.

Just like any successful e-commerce business, LianLian would wish to make payment instant as well as frictionless for all its a million plus clients. And as things stand, RippleNet has proven to be the only Blockchain network with the capability of making that happen.

LianLian can now enjoy the services of xCurrent, xRapid and xVia Ripple softwares. xCurrent will ensure that LianLian can make instant payments with any other Ripple (XRP) partners by allowing them to communicate and confirm details of the payment prior to initializing the transaction and confirm if the payment was successful. This will help in making the payments faster.

xRapid on the other hand will help lower the capital requirement of making any payments. This will make the process of making payments cheaper.

Then xVia will allow LiaLian Pay to seemly make payments across any network.

What does this partnership mean to Ripple?

In business, any partnership offers a win win situation for the players. Therefore, Ripple is expected to gain largely from this partnership.

LianLian commands a very huge pool of clients of over 100 million. This paves way for Ripple to get its way into China and get more members. LianLian is just the beginning. More and more Chinese companies will see the efficiency with Ripple and they will be following LianLian footsteps.

In addition, this will go a long way into uplifting the Ripple (XRP) coin whose price has plunged low, almost to its initial value over the last two months.



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