Ink (INK) about to take off; thanks to a super 2018 Road map

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Ink (INK) is among the newest crypto coins in town and it has hit the ground running. It was released in November, 2017 after achieving its ICO target way before its scheduled time. Actually, it is just one of a kind since most of the cryptocurrencies find it hard to collect their desired funds using ICO.

Once it was released, a number of exchanges took it up and listed it on their exchange platforms. They include: Coinnest, EXX,BigONE,ZB, Allcoin, CoinEgg and LBank.

Having launched at the end of 2017, and with just three months in the market to date, this coin is set to lead a great revolution among the cryptocurrency world according to its promising 2018 road map.

Ink (INK) 2018 roadmap

Ink (INK) has already kicked off the year on a high note after managing to have its token, INK, listed on Coinrail, which is a South Korean Exchange platform on Jan 23. South Korea has one of the highest percentage of Cryptocurrency users and introducing Ink increases the pool of probable lucrative investors. Coinrail will become the 2nd Korean Exchange to list INK after Coinnest.

Then there was the release of its blockchain explorer on Jan 29. The Explorer, which is one of a kind, will be a great component of Ink ecosystem and will go a long way in making the lives of Ink (INK) users easier.

In March, Ink (INK) is set to release its Beta IP Asset Exchange. This will make it among the first cryptocurrencies to use Intellectual Property (IP) Blockchain technology. The IP will go a long way in helping Ink achieve its object of revolutionizing the field of content creation. Ideally, this will help in increasing the revenue collected by the creative content creators by being able to find and distinguish high quality online content.

The IP blockchain will also go a long way in making the Ink network to develop a cross-chain protocol. The cross-chain protocol will then content to freely flow from the syndicate blockchain to the public blockchain and back.

After making a dramatic end to the Q1, 2018, Ink (INK) is set to kick off its Q2 with the INKubator beta launch in April. The INKubator beta is set to help in purchasing the IP asset of the cryptocurrency.

Then, in May, Ink is set to launch its IP blockchain network to the whole world. This will make the beginning of the real business in Ink and it is expected to impress a lot of investors.

Ink (INK) Price Movement

The market cap of Ink (INK) stands at $34,986,554 USD with a circulating coin supply of 178,250,000 INK out of the total maximum supply of Circulating Supply of 1,000,000,000 INK.

Currency the INK coin is trading at $0.196278 USD according to But given the well laid out roadmap for 2018, the value of the crypto coin is set to rise to past one by the end of the second quarter of 2018.


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