Got some $50 to spare? Why not invest it on Mooncoin (MOON)?

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The crypto market is one of those markets where you can invest a relatively a small amount of money, and still make a hefty profit. For instance, assuming you have some $50 in your pocket and want to play with it in the markets, where would you put it? Well, the stock markets are definitely a no-go zone with such a small amount. It won’t even cover the trading commissions of blue-chip stocks. And even if you go for penny stocks, you won’t get more than a handful of shares.

The forex market is also an unwise investment, considering that you would have to overleverage yourself.  The best bet would be to go for altcoins, and Mooncoin (MOON) is one of the best that you can go for.  You are probably wondering, why Mooncoin? Well, here are a few reasons why.

  1. You will receive a significant volume with just $50

Mooncoin is currently worth pennies, and an investment of just $50 would give you close to three hundred thousand coins. That’s a good number given the small amount that you are investing. But isn’t that a dead investment considering that Moon coin is worth close to nothing?

Well, you just need to remember that the Moon (Moon) team plans to burn over 60 billion coins in the near future. This will significantly cut on supply and grow the value of this coin. Even a 50% growth would see your $50 investment grow by a significant margin given the high volume of coins that you are holding.  It’s definitely a great way to make use of your $50 rather than spending it on trivialities.

  1. You have no emotional attachment to the investment

One of the factors that make investors lose money in the financial markets is the emotional attachment they have with their money. For instance, if you have $50,000 invested in bitcoin or any other major crypto, you will find yourself checking its price from time to time. When the price moves up, the pressure to take profit will be quite high, just like when the price, drops like it did a few weeks ago.

However, with $50 invested in Moon (Moon) there is really no attachment, irrespective of the price moves. This will give you the leeway to hold on to this coin for longer, and make good money in the long-run. Remember if you buy at current prices, and it ever hits just $0.10, you would be sitting on over $100,000. That’s a good return on money that you could have, otherwise, bought a few drinks or other unimportant thing.

  1. Moon (Moon) has a real potential for growth

Unlike most small altcoins that end up dead, Moon coin also has a good chance for growth. For starters, it is getting listed on several exchanges. Currently, it is available on Coinexchange and Bleutrade and several other exchanges are in the pipeline. This makes it a great investment at its current price of close to zero dollars.



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