Qtum (QTUM): The hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains

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Qtum (QTUM) is one of the emerging altcoins that investors should keep a close look at. This crypto coin is a hybrid that combines the infrastructure of Bitcoin core and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. By so doing, the coin brags of a super blockchain network with hybrid features borrowed from the two most successful cryptocurrencies in the world.

But since the Ethereum blockchain is completely different from the Bitcoin blockchain, QTUM developers had to come up with a medium through which the two blockchains would link together. That is where the QTUM Account Abstract layer came in. This layer acts as the link between the Bitcoin codebase core 0.13 and Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The Qtum (QTUM) hybrid features

The features are referred to as borrowed since it has borrowed them from two crypto blockchains and merged them to come up with even a better blockchain network.

  • Decentralized smart contracts

With the help of the Ethereum blockchain, QTUM offers its users the opportunity to create their own tokens, automate the chain management supply and take part in automated agreements. QTUM has partnered with various businesses to try and standardize the way business smart contracts are created and used.

The most recent success was the ability to translate agreements readable by humans to smart contracts readable by machines. These machine readable smart contract agreements are error free in terms of the terms and conditions and their elements.

In the near future QTUM aims at becoming a smart contract hub even surpassing Ethereum Blockchain, which was the mother of smart contracts. It aims at supplying smart contracts for the supply chain management, social networking and telecommunication among several other fields.

  • Lite wallets

Qtum (QTUM) codebase incorporates the simple payment verification protocol of the UTXO model of Bitcoin. This makes it possible for QTUM users to use smart contracts via lite wallets.

This means that the QTUM users can use their mobile devices to participate in QTUM smart contracts.

This sets QTUM among the most decentralized blockchains and also gives them an added advantage of tapping from the vast mobile user traffic.

  • Backward compatibility

QTUM also brags as the only crypto coin which is compatible with two blockchain networks. It is compatible with all existing Ethereum Smart contracts as well as all gateways of Bitcoin.

This gives it an added advantage since it can work across the platforms.

QTUM’s Chinese support base

Qtum (QTUM) is proving to be better that the much proclaimed Chinese Ethereum, the Neo. From the time the coin had its ICO of QTUM to date, it has appreciated by about 3,200% within a span of approximately 5 years. This has set it among the top 20 best cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization with a market cap of $2,405,659,995 USD.



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