Relaunched Lisk (LSK) is a strategic winner Time to buy and HODL

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The much-awaited Lisk (LSK) relaunch happened yesterday, and everything about it is amazing. The Lisk team has decided to focus on making block chain more accessible to developers, but most importantly to new users who have an interest in cryptocurrencies. The Lisk team believes that for the block chain ecosystem to grow, more people have to fully understand what exactly block chain is all about.

What’s most exciting about the relaunched Lisk (LSK) strategic direction is the launch of the Lisk academy.  The team is creating an academy that will disseminate knowledge to the masses about blockchain technology. Anyone who joins this academy will understand the basics of blockchain technology and become a better investor in blockchain technology. They can also create their own simple blockchains on the Lisk ecosystem.

This is probably the best idea that any crypto platform has come up with so far.  Up to this point, the bias has been towards established developers. Whenever you check out a crypto website, most of the time they are all technical. Things like speed, scalability and such are the dominant theme. Yet, truth be told, these terms only make sense to developers who already understand how blockchain technology works.

To the layman, this is nothing but gibberish and it’s discouraging many people from investing in cryptos. That’s because many people don’t feel safe investing in something that they don’t understand. With the entry of the Lisk academy, learners will be in a position to get what would qualify for a diploma, in terms of their knowledge of blockchain technology.

Once they finish their blockchain studies, which one do you think will be their first crypto to take an interest in? It’s most definitely Lisk (LSK), right? Their widen knowledge of cryptos will either propel them to become investors in Lisk, or developers looking to create their own sidechains. Whichever way you look at it, this is a perfect strategy for the future growth of Lisk.

But it’s not just newbies that have it easier with the relaunched Lisk. Existing developers too will have an even more efficient interaction with this platform. The relaunched Lisk developer platform is designed to make creating sidechains on the LSK ecosystem as effortless as possible. Already the relaunched developer page has simplified code embedded in it. As such, developers don’t have to start learning a new language for them to create their own blockchains on the LSK ecosystem.  This will likely to push more developers to create Dapps on the Lisk platform. As this ecosystem grows, so will the value of Lisk (LSK).

Basically, Lisk wants to pull in developers into the platform to create as many sidechains as possible, and make Lisk the number one platform for creating decentralized apps. That’s an ingenuous move that will see Lisk outsmart its competitors in the smart contracts space.


Lisk (LSK) has taken a strategic direction that will endear it both to developers and blockchain newbies. This is the catalyst that is guaranteed to give it a higher intrinsic value than other smart contract platforms in the market. On this basis, you can expect a strong value growth in Lisk (LSK) in coming days. This is one of those coins to HODL for the long haul.



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