Airdrops: Buy Bitcoin, Waves, ZClassic and NEO and earn some free coins!

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This month is great for crypto investors. First the market has rebounded, and there are also a lot of free coins coming up through airdrops.  Yes, you got that right, there are lots of free coins for investors this month!   But you need to be holding the right coins for you to receive these free coins. Let’s go through some of the coins that you need to hold for you to receive free coins.

Waves (WAVES) (The 22nd February Airdrop)

Anyone holding Waves (waves) coins as of 22nd February will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin cash. This is a great deal considering that Bitcoin cash is one of the coins that have a high potential for growth in the market right now. So how do you get these free bitcoin cash?  You need to create a waves wallet then transfer your waves (waves) coins there from whichever exchange that you are holding them. This will give you control over your Wave private keys and an automatic access to bitcoin cash during this airdrop.  You only have a few hours left to take advantage of this airdrop.
Bitcoin private airdrop (Coming up on 28th February)

Bitcoin private is a fork of Bitcoin and ZClassic. All holders of bitcoin and ZClassic will be rewarded with Bitcoin private on a 1:1 ratio.  To make the most of this, it is best to stock up on ZClassic which is way cheaper than bitcoin, and get a higher number of bitcoin private coins.  To gain access to these coins, you need to hold your coins in a cold storage wallet.  This way, you are in total control over your coins, giving you eligibility to the free bitcoin private coins.
ONT airdrop by NEO (Coming on 1st March)

In the next eight days, all NEO holders will be awarded with 0.2 ONT coins for every NEO coin held. Upon receiving these coins, you will be in a position to trade half of them in the market. The other half will be locked.  Like the other airdrops, for you to take advantage of this one, you need to have your NEO coins stored in cold storage, where you have full control over your private keys.  Stocking up on NEO coins right now is a good opportunity to take advantage of the high potential ONT coin since its features give it a great chance to grow in coming months.

For you to take advantage of these airdrops, one thing is clear. You need to have your coins in a cold storage wallet. That’s because airdrops happen automatically and coins are distributed automatically to everyone that has coins in cold storage. If you hold your coins in an exchange, you won’t be in a position to access these free coins. That’s because those coins don’t belong to you. They belong to the exchange where you are holding them. That’s why hackers usually target private keys when attacking exchanges.


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