Ambrosus (AMB) will make investors rich in 2018!

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After a significant drop, the crypto market is regaining its losses.  Now the only question that is on every investor’s mind is, which one will be the next big coin in 2018?  Or rather which coin is the next bitcoin, or the next Ethereum? Well, if this is what you are looking for, then you need to put your money in Ambrosus (AMB). This is the one coin that could easily make you a millionaire in 2018. It’s what you would call a sleeping giant. To cut to the chase and help you make some money, here are a few reasons why you should be investing in Ambrosus (AMB) right now!

  1. N partnerships

Most low-cap altcoins usually have partnerships with some unknown organizations, then hype it up just to attract investors. That’s not the case with Ambrosus (AMB). This platform has a partnership with the United Nations, one of the most important organizations on the planet. This in itself is a big deal for a small cap coin like Ambrosus.  The partnership aims to create sustainable food systems across the globe. Once this project becomes fully realized, expect the value of Ambrosus to skyrocket, since it will give it a large-scale use value that is lacking in most cryptos in the market right now.

  1. It has utility

Good food and medicine are important for the general well-being of the world population. Unfortunately, a large segment of the global population doesn’t have access to these two, and Ambrosus (AMB) aims to change this. In partnership with the United Nations, Ambrosus aims to use blockchain technology to track food and medicines right to their origins.

This is in a bid to ensure that they are of good quality and safe for human consumption. Given the strong need for good quality food and medicine all across the globe, coupled with the input of the U.N, expect the value of this coin to skyrocket in coming days. The fundamentals are just right for such a small coin. One can argue that at its current price, this Crypto is way too undervalued.

  1. A strong developer team

You can easily tell the future growth prospects of a cryptocurrency by the strength of its developer team. In this case, the team behind Ambrosus is what you would call an A-team. People like Oliver Bussmann, the guy behind crypto valley are part of the AMB team. This is the kind of guy that definitely inspires confidence in the future of AMB.  On top of that, Ambrosus has U.N people in its advisory team, which gives it the network it needs to scale. Expect these networks to put AMB on the radar in coming months.

  1. A strong social media presence

One of the factors that contribute to the growth of a cryptocurrency is the strength of its social media community. Ambrosus (AMB) happens to have one of the most active communities for a crypto its size. A combination of this community with U.N project creates the perfect environment, for a crypto that is headed “to the moon!”



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