WallStreet Deals Digital through Genesis Vision (GVT)

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Wall Street is quite a familiar name and would arouse the excitement of any investor who has traded in Financial instruments. Word is that Genesis Vision (GVT) has managed to bring the Wall Street package into the cryptocurrency space taking Private Asset Management to a new level. News that investors could now access Investment Managers worldwide through the Genesis Vision blockchain network has played a key role in the uptake of cryptocurrencies into Financial markets.

The Genesis Vision (GVT) platform is one of a kind and has managed to identify an important niche between investors and investment managers within the crypto arena. A platform that enhances transparency has always been the ideal for investors; Genesis Vision brings this to its users by displaying Investment Managers profile to potential investors within the network. The managers who act as advisors were allocated tokens during the launch and gradually based on their past investment history.

“The most important thing is to find balance. There’s also a method of giving out tokens for free. I don’t think that this practice should be directed towards individual investors, but to groups of early investors or advisors,” – Dmitry Nazarov, CTO of Genesis Vision

Since GVT’s ICO investors can bid to invest in Managers, coin within the network or actively trade through a broker who is authorized to actively trade in Financial markets. Genesis Vision has brought the concept of Professional Asset Management into the crypto arena which is a key step in reducing the volatility associated with crypto investments. Managers coins which are associated with a specific value are in turn invested on behalf of investors in various Financial Instruments which can be other digital coins.

Genesis Vision (GVT) tokens that are used to transact in the platform are currently traded in major exchanges such as coinmarketcap. The simple concept of choosing from a group of managers coins’ and an option of liquidating for a different manager within the network create a competitive environment that better investor choice.

A relief for investors at last, now one will not have to go through Financial Intermediaries that have long exploited investors through management fees. The digital coin goes an extra mile to save the daily transaction costs that are charged every day cutting Investors’ profits by over 20% in some exchanges. The law of demand and supply is the key pillar in assessment of Managers within the platform hence the value of a Managers’ coin against GVT is set to distinguish good and bad investments.

Genesis Vision token price has behaved quite well given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies since its launch in November 2017. I would say that the altcoin has performed well so far for a cryptocurrency that has been around for only 4 months with less than 4,000,000 GVT circulating.

Given the solution that GVT brings to Private Asset Management it is expected that more investors who have in the past had agency problems would be potential investors of this transparent platform. The market will see an increase in the demand of Genesis Vision tokens as more awareness is generated in the Financial markets pushing the price of one GVT token to over $ 50 within the next six months.

Currently ranked 146th the coin has not shied away from showing potential in its price which stands at $ 27.81 as of press date. Fundamentals of the working product have set a bullish trend for the cryptocurrency which has risen by over 100% within February 2018.

As is the norm with most altcoins, Genesis Vision (GVT) has been quite volatile since its launch hitting highs of $42 in December 2017 and going for as low as $8.86 in early February 2018. However, the lucrative Asset Management coin enjoys a significant market cap of $ 103,174,811.


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